'Taiwan is part of China'

Treaty of Shimonoseki (1895), Article 2, Section b.


yes, but only just recently. let’s not forget that the KMT (until the recent elections) was an authoritarian govt ruling by the fist here. cks that thieving clown.

Yeah, but I wouldn’t be surprised if people think Taiwan is part of China if they read the news lately; our responses to SARS are just about equally inept. All the other countries with infections, even the small third-world ones, have been able to deal with it except China and Taiwan.

What are you guys going on about? Of course Illa Formosa was once part of mainland China. The following has been stolen by permission from a local writer:

See? Taiwan is literally a breakaway part of China :wink:

(Yes, Mr. H at work trolling…)

Wouldn’t it depend on whether you considered the Manchus “China” or not? If the answer is “no,” then Taiwan has never been legally administered by China. The ROC grabbed Taiwan after WWII, but there isn’t any international legal support for that. On the other hand all the outside Powers recognized the Ching as the legit power of Taiwan, even when they themselves denied it and permitted foreign powers to negotiate directly with aboriginal potentates.

The whole thing is gray.

Much admiration for that OP though, a marvel of Trolldom. Another sign that the poster is a trolling local: check out the moniker: Jiang, same as the ruler of our esteemed incompetent neighbor. Would a Chinese pick a name like that? Sounds like something a westerner did.


Oh, I dunno, Jiang is a very common name in China. It’s sorta like Smith or Khan or Hussein-al-Tikriti.

I think this line applies so perfectly to today’s PRC government it’s almost scary…

yeah right. And every one of them has impecible grammar and spelling. i’m with vork…whatever that name was… on the western troll.


Before Taiwan can be a part of China, PRC have to let all the natural and/or provinces of China become free, independent democaries.
Then, and only then is the time to consider a united China - now it is just a terror regime.


I agree. Even the writing style fits. But maybe it’s more of a Devil’s advocate thing than a pure troll.

A travel program on TV was quite disgusting playing someone toured in

manchu guo was a soverign nation that actually held the rest of what is known as china under the thrall of vassledom. manchu kou was illegally seized and partitioned into several northern provinces. free manchu guo!

hainan dao was promised independence if they would resist the japanese. resist they did. were they cut loose ala mongolia and korea? nope. lots of people there today dream yet of NOT being part of china.

the concept of a unified china is a giant, shimmering chimera. it never happened in history. it has never happened yet. get a local drunk enough and if you’re lucky enough you’ll get an earful regarding their “national, historical destiny”, the kinda stuff that puts western extremes like manifest destiny and napolean’s mr.chauvin to shame.

Devil’s advocate, troll or whatever, let’s track this guy by his IP address and pull him out into the street and kick his ass. :laughing:

China is a part of Taiwan.

Take that, Mr. Jiang Zemin.

I agree that it’s a foreigner. Mandate of Heaven is taught insurvey history courses on Europen and US campuses and would not be used by a Chinese troll. Could even be an East Asian Studies major taking summer Chinese classes. (Er, sorry if I am wrong and it turns out to be you Hartzell).
But if anyone takes this person seriously, might I suggest that before this thread becomes larger than life as it could to that we all treat it like a good fencing match. En garde, alle!
Or are ya’ll not going to entertain this?

[quote=“Quirky”]Well, well, well. Howdy, stranger. I’ve been wondering when you’d grace us with your presence. :wink:
Might I suggest that before this thread becomes larger than life as it promises to be that we all treat it like a good fencing match. En garde, alle![/quote]

Not sure if you are talking about me, but I usually stay out of this forum (Culture and History) because my views are so extreme and it is no small job to argue with 25 different people (including the moderator) about why we should just accept TongYong or why The China Post is a bunch of KMT &(&# $WQ#! I basically gave up. But seeing that we are all in agreement that Taiwan is not a part of the Commieland PRC then I could safely state my views in this thread, besides this thread was just troll post anyway.

Whoever the guy is that posted the orginal message (troll or not), he does a have a point - Taiwan is part of China. If Taiwan is not part of China, then there would be no need for a pro-independance movement. The best way to solve this problem would be for President Da-bien to stand up in front of the international community and declare Taiwan as a real independant country.