Taiwan Just (slightly) Relaxed Dual Citizenship Rules.


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Wait, Japan allows dual citizenship now? :astonished:


wait what?


Can you obtain Japanese citizenship through a grand-parent born in Japan?


No because Japan doesn’t allow dual citizenship in practice Japanese are able to hold citizenship of ROC and Japan at the same time.


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No, Japan does not permit dual citizenship. (It’s a bit more complicated than that, and enforcement is lax for citizens by birth, but “no” is probably the answer for you.)

Can you get citizenship through a grandparent? Well, you can get citizenship through a parent, who in turn can get it from their parent. Otherwise you’ll have to go reside there for five years (less if you’re married to a Japanese) first. There are additional requirements–again, go study that website.


Supposedly Taiwan doesn’t officially accept dual citizenship either. YYY may have a comment on that?


What he means is that the ROC accepts Japanese citizens to acquire ROC citizenship without renouncing, since I think japan does not allow renounciation of nationality.

How Japan reacts to that is another story.

For the record, ROC allows double nationality in cases where you are not allowed to renounce. Japan, Morocco and other countries are in that list. You just need proof that you tried but can’t comply and voila, here’s your shen feng zhen.


Japan does allow its nationals to renounce.


Care to back that up with some laws?


Why do you think I’m asking YYY?


I’m just wondering where you got this information (or rather rumor) from.
The ROC Nationality Act does not prohibit ROC nationals to be citizens of foreign countries. Dual nationals are disqualified form several public sector jobs and government positions, but there is no absolute prohibition of multiple citizenships.


Are you serious? Taiwanese don’t want foreigners getting citizenship, but they want to allow themselves the advantage of multiple citizenships. It’s that simple.


Come again? On all three points.


Yea somebody stated that if was in fact not permitted for Taiwanese to hold dual nationality, we know that’s not the case in practice, but Im wondering if there is a law of any sort.?


Japanese cannot renounce their citizenship , Taiwan allows them to apply for citizenship without the renunciation requirement because they cannot renounce. Taiwan ROC apply the same for any country’s citizens that do not allow renunciation.

And I’m not going to be explaining anymore Google is your friend.


http://www.us.emb-japan.go.jp/j/kokuseki/k_ridatsu.html - Renouncing Japanese citizenship from Japanese Embassy in USA website.


Mud-bloods are considered a problem because one parent may not be able to read Chinese, therefore the child may fall behind academically.

It’s relatively safe to give citizenship to elderly people who took vows to abstain from activities that produce children many years ago, and have passed the age when engaging in such activities does any harm to the prevalent social order.


Again: the Nationality Act (the statute regulating acquisition, loss, restoration, and revocation of ROC nationality) does not prohibit ROC nationals from acquiring or holding a foreign nationality. Go ahead and read through all 23 articles of the act and tell me if I overlooked anything. ROC Nationality Act


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