Taiwan just (slightly) relaxed Dual Citizenship Rules

Marrying a Taiwanese person is our Sacrament of Penance. No earthly criminal record check overrides that.


I doubt any government official will take your word on anything. Some people think having a child is a special skill, or that they had their photo take in the vicinity of a mayor, some people who teach think they are special but they don’t even hold post graduate qualifications or have any publications.

Also gets a bit tiring hearing from people who don’t like the renunciation law who then claim their own governments should makes citizens from the ROC renounce to get citizenship in their home country lol.


It depends. Maybe he has solid proof that his friend is a “superhero.”

Maybe he is Spiderman?

Personally I would put through a case to my own government and start a petition showing that other developed countries have such laws allowing for easy resumption.

Canada right now is actually reviewing their nationality act and have now recently updated it so they can more easily pass citizenship to children born abroad. This is an issue that a few Canadian expats complained about and got reviewed. So far no Canadian has complained about resumption of citizenship laws to their own government. (Edit, @Marco made some inquiries to an MP who asked and got an informal response) - see below.

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This is false.

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Have you sent through a complaint? What happened with it?

I remember you mentioned asking about it and getting vague responses that didn’t address the question

IRCC Responded to my MP. In a nutshell, it was a response of indignancy.

They basically expressed disgust and indignancy at the thought of ever giving up precious Canadian citizenship, even temporarily.

There’s this prevailing thought, even implicitly that you don’t leave Canada, people, especially brown/coloured people come here from their shitholes. These are not my thoughts. This is just the observed attitude.


I think they misunderstood the question.

If you can post it (or an extract) sometime that would be great

They didn’t. I have met and called with my MP and staffers numerous times. I have explained in excruciating detail.

I don’t have it. It was relayed to me in a nutshell. If you’re thinking official letter with fancy overhead then no.

I suggest starting a petition and outline it clearly with examples.

The attitude that people don’t leave Canada for ‘shitholes’ is likely to make this a futile exercise. There just aren’t enough people to make it worthwhile. For example, the UK only responds if they get 10000. I don’t even think there are that many Canadians with this particular problem. And in the pool of people that are affected, there are numerous people who are either apathetic or not here long enough to care.

This really thins the herd.

According to the National Immigration Agency as of April, there are 1893 male Canadians and 743 female Canadians for a grand total of 2636 Canadians nationwide in Taiwan.

There just isn’t the strength in numbers here.


wow, a Canadian lady in Kinmen and a Canadian lad in Penghu!

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Here’s Italy


577 grifters! Haha


Let’s go be the only two Italians in Keelung

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Only 6 Aussies left in Miaoli, we’re too busy becoming citizens :joy:

I know another Aussie in Miaoli who will naturalise soon so will go down to 5

Where are the statistics for NWOHR with residency? Wouldn’t it make sense to be on the same doc? Maybe I’m blind


That sounds even to me like a massive waste of time…

Who is “Jimmy?”

I was indeed quite astonished no one there. A stone throw from the city and more affordable housing.

btw incredible the statistics: 91% of all foreigners in TW come from SEA countries: Indonesia (~32%), Vietnam (~29.4%), Philippines (~18%), Malaysia (~2.7%) and Thailand (~9%). and yet they r mostly treated as consumable goods… 286K Indonesians living here! also, according to NIA latest statistics (Apr-24) there are around 223K mainland spouses (with various residency permits, but not yet settled, which for mainlanders means citizenship basically), so there are more Indonesians living here than mainland spouses, but yet mainland spouses get much more attention.