Taiwan Just (slightly) Relaxed Dual Citizenship Rules.


What mafan should we be giving Household Registration? I thought they just forwarded everything.


Well, hopefully they will forwad mafan at our displeasure to the “we have no clear instructions” reply. We want clearly written rules.

As we say in Spanish, o hay pa’todos o hay patadas.


Do share! :popcorn:


Not being a literatus, I’ll probably download information using the “phoenix basket.”


Back on track:

Although she might not look like a local, Mylod said she has long thought of herself as Taiwanese because she has lived here for more than 40 years and grown to love the place.

She had to live here 40 years to get nationality?!


I’m 54…only 30 more years to go! (As soon as I finish my seminary training, of course)


Worse: the woman is 84 years old and still teaching.

I know she looks good for her age and everything about keeping active to stay healthy but I hope that at that age I will be under a palm tree sipping pina coladas, if you catch my drift. And the only teaching will be horizontal mambo!





The kids will all have flown the nest by then, will they?


They will probably be replaced by others. A friend was reminding me I had said that, after losing Toto and PangPang, I was not going to get any more cats or dogs, not a single one more… I tempted fate with that statement, so I will not say never again.


My family members live a long time, centenarians or at least 90 something. As I said, constant activity leads to a prolonged life. You choose the activity.


Um… Shuffleboard? Power walking? Putt-putt golf?


Grandma Peng killed her own pigs -full grown ones, no lechoncitos- by herself, and she was 83. I must do my ancestors proud. Nothing less than climbing Yushan or biking around Taiwan.


That’s what I mean – 3rd generation, 4th generation, whichever one it is when you’re in your golden years, won’t they still need you?

:cat: “Where’s Hoo-man? Doesn’t she know it’s feeding time?”
:dog: “Probbly out in the palm grove with her mambo teacher again…”


I just saw this on Facebook and this guy apparently isn’t a monk or a priest. He’s from Kyrgyzstan (sporcle’s favourite country) and he just got the citizenship here without renouncing his own. Does anyone know him?


Is this a trusted source? This may require some digging.


A Kyrgyz IT guy was mentioned in one of the reports (which I linked to 26 posts above), along with 4 professors. I assume it’s the same person.


The article is mistaken. To the best of my knowledge she doesn’t still teach there. I should know, I teach there and was even at that ceremony. She serves more in an advisory role/ unofficial figurehead and advocate position.


But she still raps people’s hands with a ruler.