Taiwan Just (slightly) Relaxed Dual Citizenship Rules.


This one I guess:

Maybe he was considered also Overseas Compatriot?


Ha! But then he wouldn’t have needed the program. Anyway, I thought it was Tajikstan that was supposed to be part of the ROC.



During the National Day celebrations, a foreign priest sang the National Anthem.


That sounds like it could be in the cards for a lot of foreigners in Taiwan, no?


These are not really run-of-the-mill English conversation profs.:grin: They are specialists, in fields such as IT, that could likely get uni jobs in multiple countries. When you are science or IT specialists, they have to offer a lot to entice people to come. If you can just sing Puff the Magic Dragon and talk in business conversation, I would say you are not going to get it. :laughing:


One of the profs I know who got it from Tai Da is an English prof.


Brian is correct. The route to obtaining dual citizenship without renunciation is not field specific. You need to have someone from above (at the Ministry level, or higher admin in the university) speaking for you. I’ve heard that the baseline for profs and other researchers is apparently having some sort of national-level award or recognition, either from the Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Science and Technology. We’ll see if this continues to be the case.



I think that is appropriate. If someone has a wide publishing record and is in global demand, it makes sense to offer some sweets. :grin: On the other hand, if it is some Peace Corp dude turned conversational English prof, I`d say no sir. :grin:


The stated qualifications for professors are (a) rank of assistant prof. or above (full-time), and (b) publications in journals “such as” those listed in the AHCI, SSCI, etc. It sounds like the MOI is using its effective veto power (it gets to convene a committee which can blackball the candidate for any reason) to impose more restrictive standards. This illustrates how Taiwan is ruled not by law, but by regulations / arbitrary decisions by its civil servants.

On a personal note, I find it impossible to know for certain whether I would qualify, or what additional steps I might take in order to qualify.


You don’t have to be a man of the cloth, play soccer instead.


Each one of these cases is a slap in the face to normal hardworking foreigners in Taiwan.


I will make waffles for Taiwan on the waffle bake world championship! So, can I get my citizenship now?


Only if you win the championship. And it can’t be in Taiwan. You have to 出國比賽.


It’s a complete gong show now, pardon the pun. Essentially if they want you to be Taiwanese you will be asked, if there is some bragging right. People that want to apply need not apply.

Pretty sad


I don’t even mind them taking a “what’s in it for us” attitude toward immigration. I just think their idea of what constitutes “contributing to Taiwan” is way too narrow and shortsighted. And of course the “high-class professionals” they really want to attract wouldn’t even give Taiwan a second look.


After a brief soccer interlude it is back to the octogenarians and a hefty increase to 52 years of service.

American priest gains Taiwan citizenship after 52 years of service


Ok. I demand citizenship for all foreigners who have been here 50 years or more. Automatic. No Church membership. Fair is fair.


Some mischievous soul should write an op-ed demanding parity in these things between…the various religions? (Flying Spaghetti Monster missionaries, call your office!) Men and women? Third world and first? (Ridiculous idea.)

In my fantasy, ordinary foreigners organize a protest in which we all wear Superman suits. You know, to symbolize “super foreigners”? (You need a gimmick like that to get any TV coverage here, otherwise you need nekkid women or cute animals or something.)

Lawsuits are another promising route. Any lawyers interested in suing the MOI for religious discrimination? Or for unequal treatment of immigrants vs. natives (since only the first are required to renounce)?


The official translation is senior foreigners.
:older_adult: :older_woman: :older_adult: :older_man: :older_woman: :older_man: :older_woman: :older_adult: :older_woman: :older_man: :older_adult:
Now it all makes sense!