Taiwan Just (slightly) Relaxed Dual Citizenship Rules.


So a 20-something basketball player is senior to me?


Must be an old soul… :wink:


The downside of this approach is that, well, you will be on TV. In Taiwan, this is NEVER GOOD.



Does it literally say senior foreigners? Then I’m screwed


“Foreign senior professionals” or something, in one of the links Feiren posted in the other thread.


Well, “senior” could also mean older. :grinning:


More like “monsignor,” amirite?


Yeah, Taiwan really flips the script when it comes to “all coverage is good coverage.”


Now this is a guy working his way the other way around: gave up his nationality in order to help.


I know a lot of you are pissed about not being able to apply for this, but what really makes my blood boil is that at last count 81% of the 725,282 foreign residents in Taiwan come from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Most of them work as home aides, nannies, and so forth–basically doing the work Taiwanese nationals don’t want to do, and getting not nearly as much pay or respect for it, compared to what foreign residents from wealthy countries get.

Where is the path to citizenship for these foreign residents, other than going stateless for a period first? (Which many do.) The answer: completely non-existent, even more non-existent than for the numerically smaller group of foreign residents from wealthy countries.

When there’s a path to citizenship for run-of-the-mill spreadsheet monkeys like myself, I’ll be personally happy.

But when Taiwan offers an equal path to citizenship for all foreign residents, that will be progress that the nation can be proud of.

And the cynic in me says it will never happen :laughing::laughing:



The issue that I think will be ongoing forever is that in most Asian countries, race and citizenship are one in the same. When you say Taiwanese, a group of han people come to mind. Say American or Canadian and I think of a group of various races.

Many Asians are uber proud of their culture and won’t take lightly to giving those various south east Asian people citizenship as it"dilutes Taiwanese". Politicians have no reason to anger their base so nothing will happen

This also applies to us Western foreigners too, perhaps we are given more clout in Taiwan but we are only needed for our English teeechur ability at best, which is why so very few firms here hire foreigners


doesn’t taiwan give an equal path for all foreign residents, except for few exceptional foreigners who can get dual citizenship?


doesn’t taiwan give an equal path for all foreign residents, except for few exceptional foreigners who can get dual citizenship?

Right now, if you’re some kind of professional/teacher/professor, you can at least have a bit of hope that at some point there may be a path for you… which is exactly what’s going on this thread. People hoping, watching the news, comparing notes.

If you’re one of the half a million domestic helpers from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, you pretty much have zero hope.


No it doesn’t. Their time in Taiwan is not counted as residency to apply for permanent status or for local passpirt even if they ditch theirs.

If you get married it’s a different story.


It’s actually worse than that. They’re doing the work of raising families (children and grandparents) so that mum and dad can abdicate those responsibilities in pursuit of more money. In the same way as Taiwanese buy dogs in order to confer status on themselves they hire servants, since rich people have always had servants.

Buy a husky, hire an Indonesian to walk the thing. Makes you look so money.


I agree. The reaction towards the announcement for the possibility of having say South East students who graduate from taiwanese universities have a plath to work here and live here was met with cries of “our country is really destroyed now becauase those countries are a mess and those people will make a mess here”.

Very bad karma.


Soon it will be walk the pony.

Moreover, most people have to do some really creative push and pull to “qualify” to hire a SEA helper. Most end up in an illegal/grey area, doing things they are not supposed to.

But on TV they replay the one assistant that finally snaps from exhaustion and mistreats the elderly under her care, but just glance over the 40 plus people locked like pigs in a windowless shed without food or water or light and being worked to the bone.


what was in my mind is this path.

it’s “dual” citizenship which is discussed here. If you are foreign professionals with a certain length of residency, and give up your original citizenship, you can get a citizenship.

I see your point.


Yep. I know people who have got doctors to fake papers proving serious illness or handicapped status so they can hire helpers, who they then just use as servants.


Nice people