Taiwan Just (slightly) Relaxed Dual Citizenship Rules.


Nice doctors too.


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Six at one stroke, 77 year old Didone has stayed in Taiwan for 52 years, yikes the doorknob moved up again


I’ve looked into it, the hurtle for mere mortals to get that card is nigh impossible under the new rules.

Interestingly these priests aren’t even applying for it, they are being tracked down to be offered it. Good PR and all.


It affirms the capaciousness and (alleged) generosity of the state, without messing with dominant Han Chinese privilege and power. Win win!



Why is that? What are the specific obstacles?

I’ve said before that lawsuits (alleging unequal treatment by the government) are one possible means of remedy. Now that we have a new referendum law, that offers another possible route (as I pointed out on another thread).


I have enough information for a multi page write-up but I’m still looking into things so I need to hold out for now. The issue may be specific to me and my prior industry.

Are you looking into it as well?

I looked into a lawyer and was told $ 5500 an hour
That put a stop to that idea for now. Legal aid Taiwan wasn’t interested to help


I’d need somebody willing to work pro malo.


But, they have application forms and procedures for getting the exemption from renouncing. So it definitely is not that you have to be tracked down to get it.
When I handed in my application (one can try, right?) the clerk indicated she had received several applications already.


Not if you’re willing to renounce your former citizenship.


I’m thinking you missed the point of this thread.


You can get the application all right
Try getting the referral letter from the relevant agency though.


What do we know about these agencies, apart from their solicitude towards Catholic religioux? Is anybody keeping records of who gets thumbs up or down from them, and what the de facto criteria are?


This is totally a black box operation. My guess is that the section chief in charge of making these decisions is Catholic.


Taiwan is supposed to have one of the most transparent governments in the world. I suppose one could ask.


Maybe we should hunt up some of these priests and find out who their contacts were, and work from there.


To quote Paul Hewson,

If you want to kiss the sky
You’d better learn how to kneel

On your knees, boys!



The fight goes on:

Taipei, Jan. 17 (CNA) Taiwan’s first new immigrant lawmaker said Wednesday that the government should amend the regulations governing the revocation of an immigrant’s Taiwanese citizenship obtained through naturalization.

Opposition Kuomintang (KMT) Legislator Lin Li-chan (林麗蟬) said at a press conference that in recent years, several new immigrants married to Taiwanese people have been forced to divorce after their Taiwanese spouses reported their unions as being marriages of convenience, leading them to lose their Taiwan citizenship.

This is because the Nationality Act allows the government to revoke a naturalized citizen’s Taiwanese citizenship at any time, regardless of how long the person has held it, if the person is found by the court to have engaged in fraudulent marriage or adoption, Lin said.

Taking advantage of this provision in the law, there are several instances in which Taiwanese spouses have threatened to report their marriages to immigrants as fake, following hostile breakups, she said.

The law is in violation of the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, according to Lin.