Taiwan Just (slightly) Relaxed Dual Citizenship Rules.


Good question.
Id be OK with an APRC in that case.

Essentially the APRC only really gives you the right to be here and work doing what you want, with no real other benefits besides pension.
Whereas a permanent resident card in countries like USA and Canada give you essentially what you just described.


Besides the various foreigners accepted for dual citizenship, I think we also need to collect information on those foreigners who were rejected (harder to come by, I know, but several have outed themselves), along with whatever we can piece together about why they were turned down. Since the rule of law does not really apply here…

Being formally qualified, I am thinking about applying myself (via the MOE), and would love some intelligence on what to expect. Of course I will be happy to keep everybody here informed of my progress, or lack of it, and if anybody would like to offer their legal services pro malo, it may be possible to force reforms of some kind after I am rejected (as seems likely).


Sure. But we still can’t get bank loans without local guarantor, having our own business under our own name is still a PIA, heck we can’t have a pick up bought with our money under our own name.

Locals tell us why we bother when we can have all that under our spouses name…and at their mercy, lose it all. Under joint tax presentation, we have no evidence we can present to have an APRC. Heck, if they want to, they can lock us out of renewing the JFCV.


Random question here, perhaps off topic a little.

Lets say laowai got their Taiwanese citizenship (passport included I presume). If you wanted to go to China with your Taiwan passport, would China grant you the ol’ special China Taiwan travel permit i.e. you are a de facto citizen of China too?

Would love to see China officials faces on application for this and hear the discussion in the background.

As far as I know, laowai in China with citizenship are few or zilch.


Yes you would get taibaozheng same as an any citizen.


And if you’re ethnically Russian, I suppose you already know which of the 55 official minorities you belong to. :slight_smile:


Maybe they’ll recognize an Adogah Minzu.

But you would be better advised to enter the PRC on your foreign passport, assuming you didn’t have to give it up.


Thay doesn’t make any sense.


Please search in this forum. There are testimonials of naturalized ROC citizens getting and using the taibaozheng as any other, in spite of their features.


Whay doesn’t make any sense? Yes, you can get a taibaozheng, but entering the PRC on it means that your embassy (i.e., the embassy of your other country) can’t help if they decide to arrest you.


Taibaozheng is a very convenient and cheap way to visit China, of course people will use it.


Well, I hope nothing goes wrong, and they all stay in the good graces of the Chinese government.


Ha thanks, wasn’t aware of that it is possible.


The former poster SatelilliteTV (naturalized big nose Taiwanese) has some wonderfully interesting stories about travelling in China on his Taibaozheng (but you have to draw the stories out of him, he’s a bit reluctant to tell them). If I remember correctly every time he presented said document officials refused to accept it and demanded to see his passport.


More and more:


Hah. Will have to hit him up.


I suspect a member of the boards was finally accepted, too.


That makes 4 Forumosans who have citizenship, as far as I’m aware.


I think he is the first one of these boards to get it without renouncing, though. AFAIK.

On a side note, again, if they haven’t given Honorary Citizenship with Cinammon sprinkles to Hartzell, I’d be very much pissed off.


I think I read somewhere that he was able to get citizenship. Other than that, the interwebs are pretty quiet aout Hartzell. I wish he’d get a bit more involved, there are so many questions I’d love to ask him.