Taiwan Just (slightly) Relaxed Dual Citizenship Rules.


Hartzell is living the dream enjoying his retirement.
Thats what I hope anyway.


What about a Belgian Waffle and beer specialist? Oops, I should’ve introduced the bubble tea to Belgium instead!

Taiwan, just keep screwing it up.


Which they refuse to recognise anyway…?


Other Forumosans went there … And officials did not even looked twice. One more pale face.


So, looking at the history (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IAEmMS-fAZOVjgYzZ9EsgFg0NzMgTwdvBgRlNirIYCY/edit#gid=0 ) can we guess this committee does a big tranche every 2-3 months? Timing’s good to know for those applying :wink:


SatelliteTV is a tradie, perhaps that’s why.


I got some medals and rewards when I was young, does that count?




Tradesperson. The type you wouldn’t expect to be a Republican Chinese citizen at first glance.


Strange, how would you know such a thing? Its not like everyone who posts on this forum discloses which passport(s) they have.


That’s why it says ‘as far I’m aware of’.


There’s a couple of people in the how to get Taiwanese citizenship thread who have it, namely SatelliteTV and springonion, probably a couple more. There’s Poagao who sporadically posts on the forum, and Icon says she suspects a member of the boards was finally accepted. So that makes 4.


Yes, but what about the vast majority of posters who have never said what passports they have. You’re assuming none of them have Taiwan ROC passports?


It’s about getting dual citizenship without giving up your own. There could be a few dual citizens that are Taiwanese but got another passport from another country that doesn’t require giving up it’s own identity.


No, I’m not, and nowhere in my post did I say that. I only stated how many forumosans I’m aware of who have naturalized.


Looks like springonion is still around - he liked my post :smiley:


I think this should be linked to a thread about ICRT, but I can’t decide which one.


Jesus, just get rid of the relinquishment requirement already! This is really starting to get tiresome…


How many more years until the normies don’t have to give up their original citizenship? 20? 30?


@Icon Can you get your original citizenship back after you relinquish it for Taiwanese citizenship?