Taiwan Just (slightly) Relaxed Dual Citizenship Rules.


I can’t relinquish my nationality so I do not have that problem. However, I do have the problem that due to having dual nationality -if I get the ROC passport-, I will lose my job. Ask them, logic is hard to follow.


lol what… you lose your job…

What is the “rule” given on that? A Taiwanese can’t be in your job position?




Most of civil servantscannot have dual nationality.


I’ll be happy if it happens in my lifetime. Not holding my breath though.

Just get another job. Seriously.


I say anyone who has legally resided in Taiwan for ten years cumulative should be able to apply for Taiwan citizenship without regard to any other citizenship
They may hold

And anyone with a Taiwan parent should get citizenship as well if they apply no matter when they were born

Taiwan wants young blood
A lot of the factory workers and maids and what not are 20s to 30s

They should be able
To apply and get Taiwan citizenship after ten years in Taiwan

While resident in Taiwan they should get st least minimum wage and health care and the right to marry and if they have kids they should. Be granted residency and citizenship later


That is my beef. For some things I am a pen pusher and for others I am not. :persevere:


9 more, bringing the total to 59 : https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3528866


Yeah, immigrant, new citizen explosion! :roll_eyes:

“A Ukrainian painter identified as Ivan, who regards himself as a “Nature Minder,” was selected for introducing the beauty and simplicity of Taiwan to European countries through his paintings, which presented scenery of Taiwan and portraits of Taiwanese people.”

WTF! Are they getting MAD!

It’s probably time to move on, to a country that takes you because it’s you, just a human being! This is getting ridiculous!

" In March of last year, the ministry promulgated a regulation as a supplement to an amendment to the Nationality Act (國籍法) passed by the legislature in December of 2016 which gave special exemptions and extensions for the requirement that foreign national to renounce their citizenship before being eligible to become a Taiwanese citizen"

What does this mean? Do they need to renounce after? Kind of stupid, isn’t it?



There is a category of “Has Distinguished Service to the R.O.C.” since 2013.

2013: male 1 (America)
2016: male 1 (America)
2017: male 29 and female 8 (1 Philippines, 9 America, 1 Germany, 11 Italy, 1 Austria, 1 India, 13 others)

Stat of 2018, not yet in that file, but about 20 up to now?




Yeah you’d swear Taiwan was in a good position right now, politically, economically, demographically …

Some real dinosaurs in the government.


Yeah it means you need to renounce after and it is really stupid .

I thought about it but it was difficult and risky and I couldn’t travel in the meantime (cannot exit for one year ) so I abandoned my temporary passport and my Taiwan nationality (but no ID) which meant I couldn’t travel on that crappy refugee passport anyway.

It’s a real bullshit system. You can work 20 years in Taiwan , pay your taxes, but then they want you to FURTHER wait another 1 to 5 years to get a Taiwan ID!

There is no logic to the process, no welcome, no oaths, no instructions, no ceremonies for new citizens…Nothing.



They are going to being out this ol chestnut (giving citizenship exemption) sporadically over the years to show how open Taiwan is without really being open and only for those that can be used for bragging rights .
If an ordinary professional applies it will be rejected.

Really sad


:joy::joy::joy::joy: There is a real job creator.

This will create a floodgate of bohemian applicants.

Maybe I will apply based on my lewd poetry. Ode de Adult Engrishy Classes was a poem that portrays the gritty realism of Taiwan and Taipei. The great poetry showdown has a winner!

If they can give it to a tourist painter, they can give it to someone whose lewd poetry combines the best of Mapplethorpe, Gainsbourg, and Brecht.


My entire life is a work of performance art. I wonder how I would go about documenting that?


Strap a cam to your body?


OK, just rub it in a little deeper!

90, get preferential treatment!

" Taiwanese citizenship application process streamlined for 90 foreigners who hold a ‘Plum Blossom’ APRC"


And Taiwan’s apartheid immigration policy continues. Could the government possibly be any more tone deaf? And why does this brain-dead article keep calling the guy in the photo “Indian American”? How is the fact that he has Indian heritage relevant?


From this quotation, I assume you have little experience with the apartheid system.