Taiwan kills Xmas yet again (2018 edition)


That is the thing. People here like to worklong hours because then they remember the good old days of plenty. They actually think the longer they work, the more money they will make. If only…


I was talking about your disparaging comments regarding German cultural expression.



We need Christmas pictures. Can you get some foreign friends to…?


We need Christmas illustrations for FB/IG/Twitter and whatever else…

Kill me please.


I believe we did the Charleston. It was such a gay night.




Aww that wasn’t the point and you know it!


Tell that to Ibis, Milker, and all the other Nazis on here that are now quietly crying into their Bierkrugen


Just doesn’t have quite the same Xmas bell ring to it.



That photo is offensive. Hitler’s pullover depicts the American Santa Claus, not St. Nicholas in bishop’s vestments.


Hitler was probably just trying to piss off European communist intellectuals.


Could have been worse, he could have had Black Pete on there…


It supposedly did have something to do with Xmas because CKS and Madam CKS were Christian …


Yeah that was the biggest CON ever.
I still remember the dodgy laoban at one place
、我們一起努力、, 、辛苦你、
How long does it take Taiwanese to figure out this eh?


As the crow said, never ever.


I got it! I got it! (Mostly. But there’s probably a level that’s once again going over my head.)

Make-up classes: They’re annoying. Most students do come, but some can’t, and as a teacher I feel I need to make it something of a throwaway class - of course I try to use the two hours well, but it has to stand apart from the rest of the course.

Basically the students know “Don’t worry if you miss it, and if you do show up, you may get a couple of bonus points.”


All I had to do was walk up and down my mountain in Keeling to Hess.
I believe, we gave up Christmas as a deal to get off every weekend.
Who remembers alternate weekends?
Who remembers articles about people worrying about how they’ll spend the extra time?


Are they just for girls , or are the boys invited?


I’ve always gotten weekends off, except when we have make up days.


How far back are you looking? The move to a five-day work week, with full Saturdays off added in exchange for the additional holidays we used to have, happened around the year 2000.


When I first got here around that time many companies were still doing Saturday mornings. They reluctantly and slowly gave up on forcing people to come in on Saturdays over many years (for a long time they’d try to shunt ‘training’ into Saturday morning).

You newbs have no idea how hard people used to work here !