Taiwan kills Xmas yet again (2018 edition)


Sorry, big fella, ladies only.
You’re going to have to find somewhere else to get your Pete Burns on. :disappointed_relieved:


I was tutoring in Starbucks this afternoon, and my student was amused by the huge grin I had when I realized that the coffee shop wasn’t (yet) playing Christmas music. Not that I go to Starbucks all that often anyway, but in December the music helps keep me away from the place.


Jeez, enjoy the next couple of weeks before all the bus drivers start wearing Santa suits.
You be all like


Pretty sure our company has always been Monday through Friday since they started some 30 years ago.

I don’t work in education if that makes a difference.


Yes, I remember. Back in the 1980s, I would come into the office every Sat morning. Even though 12:00 noon was official leave time, we often stayed until 2 or 3pm. And our factory near Taichung would often be operating 24hours per day 6 days per week. That factory closed a long time ago.


Although the materialistic and commercial version of Christmas is too much for me in the US. I don’t like not celebrating it at all here either.


what products did it make?
eventually move across the Strait?


Why don’t they go back to calling it constitutional day and take the day off.


household decorative products. closed because the boss/owner just decided to call it quits, he moved on to property investment/speculation. i’m sure his competitors moved across the Strait.


Not sure, but I would guess because DPP has something against ROC and its constitution. But Ma didn’t bring it back either, hmmm…


Well how about DPP + KMT = Xmas Day or Red Man Day or Deer Day…who cares…give the people the day off to celebrate Jesus or whatever they want …


Probably because it’s not a Christian country?


If the KMT come back into power again, maybe they can sell it as Anti-Gay Marriage Day.


That’s why they called it constitution day and not Christmas


The year Hong Kong was given back.
And Face Off gangster kidnappers committed suicide one by one in front of the police. That was my first year in Taiwan.


Working half day saturdays was a complete joke
We didn’t work just socialize.

In a way that was kinda fun


That stuff doesn’t matter. Businesses scream and shout about workers getting too many days off. That’s the real reason.


Fun for Taiwanese people I guess …


But its just 1 day out of 365. They could even bring 25 Dec back & cancel something else. Like Children’s Day on 04 April (for example). Nothing against kids, just sayin…


I realized Santa didn’t exist when he didn’t visit any of my friends in Taiwan, so I guess in that way Taiwan kind of killed the magic for me.

My parents really enjoyed messing with me though. My dad wrapped up a car battery one year and I thought it was going to be something exciting because it was so big and heavy but then it just ended up being a strange contraption I couldn’t make any sense of. He made sure to take photos of me looking bewildered at it before he said “Oh, I think that one is for me.”

My mom was in cahoots too. One year on Christmas morning she woke me up and said, “hurry, Santa is here!” and as soon as I rushed out to the living room to look, my dad shut the door from the outside and my mom went “aww, you just missed him.” Cruel!