Taiwan kills Xmas yet again (2018 edition)


How is it nobody ever called Social Services on your parents??

Anyways, Santa came to my place in Taipei for a good 10 years or so, we can’t have been his only stop.


Kill Christmas music! Or it will kill you!


Children’s day also isn’t a holiday.


Really, according to the ROC Government, it is.



Yeah. As you said, Jonesy, the problem was simply that, originally, there were a metric fuckload of stat holidays. Constitution Day, CKS and SYS birthdays, Teachers’ Day, and a bunch more.
Way back in the day when
A. Labour regs were considerably fewer than now (before there even was a CLA)
B. Wages were really crap, way worse than now

It didn’t much ,matter, since bosses could pretty much make the staff do whatever they wanted to ameliorate any deleterious effects of the holidays, like work extra time or even a Sunday, and paying them for days off wasn’t that big of a deal

Later on, the economy went down while wages and employment practice regulation increased, those down days really started (or were at least blamed for) biting into the bottom line. that’s when they started shaving down the roster.


Ah I worked in retail hell back in the day. Hours were amazing around the holiday season, but at the steep cost of your sanity…


I believe they just made a deal when the country went to five day work week to remove most of the holidays. Subject has been discussed here regularly for years.

Children’s day might be included in tomb sweeping festival, I don’t know. Yep seems it’s just shunted in as part of tomb sweeping festival for Minnan people (Hakka people have a different date for tomb sweeping).

There are a few holidays that not everybody will get the day off , for instance labour day May 1st where only private workers get the day off cos govt workers are not laborers they are special.


Those are 2 separate days (both public holidays). They are consecutive (04 April & 05 April). At least that was the case in 2018 and will be the case in 2019.


For tomb sweeping, they don’t give a shit about kids.


Then all the more reason to cancel 04 April and bring back 25 Dec.


They really like tomb sweeping festival and the four day holiday though which lots of people extend and go to places like Japan for holidays. I never liked tomb sweeping cos of the traffic.


Your parents sound pretty cool. :sunglasses:


Yeah, indeed.
Also schools don’t get Labour Day off.

Which used to allow me to, at least once a year, piss off my youngest as she got up and prepared to go to school whilst I lounged around in my astronaut PJs mocking her. :+1:


My dad pulled the wool over my brothers’ eyes for many years with his stunt.
He hunted deer back then with his own oldest brother. He happened to have tagged one that year and it also had snowed heavily around Christmas.
So, he planted "rein"deer hoofprints around the yard and even on the rooftop.
Needless to say, they believed in Santa far longer than most kids.


And just to make it clear:




And they wonder why the electorate won’t vote for them!


Baby Jesus texts His Dad:
Hi Pop, You know how You’ve been steering all those gnarly typhoons away from Taiwan all year and sending them to @urodacus? Screw it, let them sumbitches blow


What, they took a poll or something?


Maybe my reading comprehension skills are faltering but I cannot understand the reasosn why they think it is not necessary to have any holidays. Holidays are good for the economy in spite what they say.

I shall put in a frame their yearly phrase of GDP is lower in February due to New Year leave…