Taiwan kills Xmas yet again (2018 edition)



We live in a ridiculous country. Ridiculous that goes up to eleven on the ridiculous knob.


Yeah, just fucking crazy. 2 consecutive days off is there for a reason, around the world. go work for a foreign company that doesn’t enforce makeup days?


It’s not really a holiday is it if you have to work an extra 8 hours to get it?


I think most people do realize that. But they would rather have more consecutive days off at the cost of a make-up day. Personally, I hate the concept and it makes me so HUODA! What’s even worse is the government often doesn’t announce these changes until just 1-2 months in advance (at least in the past), so forget about being able to plan to take advantage of it.


Was reading some dickhead Taiwan column. People were supporting lack of days off for the economy. Saying things like “if you want days off start your own company”. Bunch of slave-minded dickheads

Riddle me this, Germany has loads of days off, strong SME’s (who will apparently die) and strong economy


Sure, but all that comes at a cost.
The guys all sit down to pee.


They stand up to eat Bockwurst though.
At the end of the day its all even Stevens.


But do they manspread?


For whatever reason my 2nd grade teacher in Taiwan decided to tell me that Santa wasn’t real. Who does that?


Hateful people who like to ruin the innocence of children.


I still remember this, I was traumatized. I went home and ask my mom if it was true. Awful day. I don’t know why she felt like she needed to tell me that.


These guys more or less explain it, sort of:

The Cabinet is rejecting calls to reinstate seven public holidays that were scrapped in 2016, saying there is no need to do so because of the two-day weekend policy that is in place now.

The statement comes as labor groups are stepping up a campaign to have the holidays reinstated.
Labor rights groups are urging the government to review its public holiday policy - arguing it is ignoring workers rights and that one of President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文)'s campaign promises when she was running for office was to keep the holidays.

According to Cabinet spokeswoman Kolas Yotaka, the holidays were abolished as part of amendments to the Labor Standards Act and axing the holidays has ensured that both public and private-sector workers enjoy the same number of days off.

However, labor groups say the government should hold public hearings on the issue and draft new legislation to restore the holidays.


This cabinet is really going from failure to failure.


Dentists in the US largely only work Monday to Thursdays and they seem to do just fine

That aside Taiwan needs to promote less hours on the job and up productivity

A lot of the actual work just gets done over a 10 hour day but could just as well be done over an 8 hour day

Just a lot of dead time at work
Unless it’s assmbly line work


That has to do with the Asian mentality of squeezing as much out of workers as possible. By having them work late, laoban thinks that he is getting his money’s worth.

Plus since they are expected to work late, they will either just slack off or spread the work over the late hours because if they finish early, they’ll be punished with more work, for which they get no reward. Can’t say I blame them.


That’s exactly right and just have a tired work force always tired


You can’t do flexitime either which is a huge benefit in places like the UK.


Ever work for an American investment bank as a junior investment banker? They are damn proud of working 80-120 hours week. Of course, lots of it is also face time. Like going to the gym & dinner from 6-8pm and working from 8pm to 2am to show that you’ve put in your hours.


Why bring those wankers into it? They get huge bonuses and stock options etc. etc if they play their cards right. Totally different culture.


Yeah million dollar year incomes and choose to work like this …not comparable in the slightest.