Taiwan Labor Council- Investigate Foreign Labor Cases

Here’s some basic information about the Taiwan Foreign Labor Council–

They can help you get your money back by investigating and preventing whoever it is that owes you money ) from getting new ARC’s renewed so
they do have some power. But alot depends on who is your representative and how aggressive this person is.

You will need paperwork of financial and fiscal discrepancies in order to arm your representative so that he or she can help you. This shouldn’t be hard, the bushiban’s pull all sorts of things " under the table."

Every city in Taiwan on the Western side is supposed to have an English speaking Foreign Labor Representative.

Here are two good ones-- for Taichung and Miaoli-- A piece of advice, if you are in Miaoli, you will need his help.

Taiwan Foreign Labor Bureau ( Lau Gung Jyu -in Chinese )

Taichung Representative-- Mr. Arthur Hwang- 042225-0640

Miaoli Foreign Labor Rep-- Mr. Andy Yeh-- 037-363-260
They all have emails.

Please add to this list of Foreign Labor Representatives for each city OKAY??

That’s great information. I wish I had known this when I had worked in Taiwan.

In Japan I went through the Japanese equivalent of the Council of Labour Affairs, called the Labour Standards Office (rodo kijun kantokusho). In Japan, very few of the investigators speak English but you can get a free interpretter from the local international association.

Could you tell me, could a person phone in a complaint to start an investigation? In Japan, you had to show up in person first at the labour office before a complaint would be heard.

And then actually, the officer would only take faxes. No email or phone calls.

There was one Labour Standards Officer in southern Tokyo who simply would not investigate. Even when the union representative would show up, she would do nothing.