Taiwan Labor Department Inspection

Hello People. Does someone know how often does the people from Ministry of Labor visits us to inspect our place of working? Because this is the second or things time my friend was asked from the boss his company that there will be inspection from Labor Department.Kindly provide your valuable feedback.

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What’s your and or your friend’s job?

He works in a company as International Sales Manager.

The boss is doing something fishy. I’ve never encountered the Labor police in any of my jobs.

Me neither. i also heard from him for the first time that labor department visits him twice.

Are they telling him about the inspections in advance?

They have guidelines telling them what action to take in what situation, basically the bigger the company the more attention. Any employee or concerned member of the public can talk to the department, and they can’t reveal the informant’s identity without that person’s consent.

It may also be a decision by the city to crack down on a particular industry.

@yyy Well, actually they do inform the boss of the company regarding their visit for inspection, but just curios, does this happen a lot in Taiwan?

When I worked for a tech company in Tainan, the inspector would visit about once a year. She was just making sure everything was in order and asked a few questions. In Taipei, I think it is really hard to do this just because of how many people there are here.

Once when I start working/living in the company.
Not sure whether immigration or Dept of Labor. (or it could be both).
It’s on working hour and we do have advance notice.

I am not pink, btw. Third world passport holder, if that matters.
I never heard Taipeites got such visits.

I suppose “a lot” is subjective. :idunno:

You can see the record of administrative penalties on the labor department’s website.

Never came across it in my work so far.