Taiwan law : Limit of time for accusation?


I want to know if there is a limit of time to accuse someone of sexual abuse on a minor child. Is 12 years too long if the victim didn’t say anything before ?

A policeman told her that the guy cannot be jailed now, that it is too late. I am :fume: when I hear this story. I want to know if the policeman said the truth, and if he did, I want to know if there is a way to make the law change and send the pedophile in jail (is there any special way to handle this case ?)

There are statutes os limitations that apply to criminal offenses.

Many countries have these statutes. I think you would have to check with the local law court to confirm wether or not there is a limitation.

Also you have to be able to prove the offense. In many cases this is extremely difficult when long periods of time have elapsed.

We should never, ever do this in a law-abiding society, but it sometimes happens that people thus wronged, or others close to them, have hired gangsters to kill and/or mutilate the guy what done it.

Not innocent until proven guilty. Many men and some women have been wrongfully accused. Their lived destroyed, and put on registers for something they didn’t do.

Some people tell stories to get sympathy. Vigilantes have killed for so called good causes. Just like the 3 police officers attacked in Mexico, with two killed 'cause somebody claimed they were child kidnappers when is fact they were staking out drug dealers.