Taiwan Laws

It might be a good idea to have a file here that contains the various Taiwan laws or articles of the same that have been provided in several of the different threads here. I know that I have provided cites to Taiwan laws regarding tobacco advertising and severence pay and perhaps some others (can’t recall) and I think Cranky Laowai provided a cite of the relevant law regarding name changes, and Hartzell has provided immigaration and nationality law cites. Maybe we could arrange such a file for easy reference?



As the Mod of this forum, you game for this challenge? As questions get asked, I will be happy add to it, when possible, and if I have the relevant section of the law… but it would be great if someone set it up!

Yeah. I’m thinking we could have our own little law library… certainly we could add a disclaimer and all that… and we’d have to keep it updated with revisions and or amendments, etc…

But in the short time I’ve been participating here, it seems to me that a grouping of laws might be useful to the community.

Good idea.

I’m bumbiing this one, I’d be willing to help sort through things. I also have a question.

Where can a foreign teacher legally get hired? I’ve heard/read that they can ONLY work at bushibans, not anchingbans, kindys and pre-schools. Is this true? If so how can a foreign teacher legally work at a kindergarten or preschool?

If this has been answered elsewhere please point me in that direction.