Taiwan Loves China (website)

I came across something interesting:

geocities.com/deskofreporter … aiwan.html

I’m not saying that I agree with this, but I do wonder how many people subscribe to this view. Maybe Taiwan has an “image problem”. Anyway, this web site is a “must read”.


“interesting” is the word… a lot of crap, heresay and irrlevance though. Not sure what ‘loving Hitler’ has to do with Taiwan loving China…

Note too what the home page has to say:


“Westerners have a misconception of certain subjects that are a target of deliberate mispresentation by non-Westerners.”

A dodgy and perhaps racist start, and then:

"4. Recommendation for National Policy

  • Rescind the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA).
  • Terminate sales of American weapons to Taiwan.
  • Require Taiwanese nationals to present a Beijing passport.
  • Reduce the combined immigration quota of China (which includes Hong Kong and Taiwan) from 60000 to 20000.
  • Treat Taiwan as a province of mainland China in exchange for the Chinese government granting autonomy to Tibet."

Actually, I saw very little on that page that is wrong.


That website is pro-China!

A lot of stuff mingled together to form an anti-Taiwan picture. This is a usual rethorical strategy. You mix all kinds of negative facts and then use this to conclude the object is bad at all.

Thus, no discussion about the seperated facts is possible.

You can do this with every country as you find negative aspects about all nations. Simply equation:

negative fact 1 AND … AND negative fact 10 => country X is bad

Or do it with the human race in general and then conclude universal suicide is the only solution.

Bob, I think the mass suicide idea is a good one. But, some definately warrant being assisted :smiling_imp:

BTW, does Masao actually write these posts himself, or has he just taken to quoting virus emails?

Read the document!
You’re naked in this picture!

…and so on. Maybe he is the guy who writes the subject lines for virus mails? :astonished:

Can we have our ignore button back please? I really miss mine :frowning:

let’s see, what could we come up with about new Zealand?

or Paraguay?

Stating negative facts - but facts nonetheless - and then jump to conclusions… Not good at all


Treat Taiwan as a province of mainland China in exchange for the Chinese government granting autonomy to Tibet.


Now that’s classic. I beleive LTH supports the Dali Lama. I guess LTH wants to unify with PRC in order to free Tibet as well.