Taiwan may lose 3 Latin American allies but win 2 others


This is from Monsters and Critics, and they themselves got it from the China Times, so take for what it’s worth. I’m just a messenger and just want to spur on discussion.

Taiwan may lose 3 Latin American allies but win 2 others

[quote]Taiwan may lose three Latin American and Caribbean allies to China, but might win over two other nations which are mulling recognizing Taipei, a newspaper said on Monday.

Taiwan’s ties with Belize, Honduras and the Dominican Republic are shaky as these countries have shown signs of befriending China.

[b]Belize will hold its general election on February 7. If Dean Musa - leader of the main opposition party United Democratic Party - wins, Belize may switch recognition from Taiwan to China, it said.

Taiwan’s ally in Central America Honduras is also making contacts with China to pave the way for launching ties, the paper said.

During his visit to Costa Rica on January 17, Honduran President Manuel Zelaya said that Honduras wants to launch ties with all countries, even China.[/b]

[b]While in San Jose, Selaya met with Chinese ambassador Wang Xiaoyuan, the paper said. Costa Rica dropped Taiwan to recognize China in June 2007, terminating 60 years’ friendship with Taipei.

However, the China Times said, Taiwan might win over two tiny Caribbean nations as these countries are considering changing sides.

The two countries are Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago.

David Thompson, leader of Barbados’ opposition Democratic Labour Party (DLP), became the new prime minister of Barbados after winning the general election on January 15.

During his campaign, Thompson promised he would break 30-year-old ties with China to recognize Taiwan once he entered office.

Trinidad and Tobago began to make contacts with Taiwan after its opposition party, the United National Congress, won the general election three months ago, triggering speculation that the Caribbean nation may switch recognition from Beijing to Taipei.[/b]


Interesting. What are your thoughts?


Yawn. Same old, same old. Nothing new here at all.


Has anyone else noticed the similarity between a ‘Nehru’ jacket and a ‘Mao’ jacket?


Trinidad and Tobago is not a big country, but I wouldn’t describe it as tiny, either.


You know the bigger picture is that there are more TECRO’s now than there were embassies when the ROC actually had the UN seat…

So in a way, Taiwan has spread its influence. No matter what people aren’t going to hang up on the world’s largest computer, laptop, and high end electronics producer on the planet, doesn’t matter which neighbor ends up assembling it.


’ Relations with Pacific allies ‘steady’’

That’s what they always say when they’re going to lose one.

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Trinidad and Tobago … lol oh man. :man_facepalming: