Taiwan meat is "leftover parts"

Buy it at the traditional market.

Your fault for ordering your steak overcooked :grin::grin:


Usually I wouldn’t bother in Taiwan (Jacks Brothers has always been good), but the girl I was seeing at the time took me to a nice hotel restaurant for my birthday and the menu was mostly seafood. I didn’t want to tell her we were leaving, so I took a chance that they might be able to follow a simple instruction. But yeah, they were worried I didn’t know what I wanted and didn’t want to give me an overcooked steak.

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Here lies the error, well and steak don’t belong in the same sentence. you can say: good steak, well done! But that’s the only case.

You can chew jerky if you like well done meat.

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I don’t find a pink centre to be jerky, I just don’t want blood pouring onto my plate

How well done do you need it to be?


The fact that you think the red in steak is blood does not speak well of your understanding of steak.


I think he probably knew it’s myoglobin but used the more colloquial term…

Perhaps, I’ve never been much of a fan

I just don’t eat uncooked meat

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Very optimistic of you. He also apparently thinks red juice on the plate means “uncooked.”


This is true. It’s not uncommon for the former town/neighborhood butcher to now be the guy running the meat counter at the local mega corporate supermarket chain. Local shops can’t compete on price with the buying power of the big chains, so they have to either go upscale (if they are fortunate to be in an area with the demographics to support that) or close down.

You are not going to find butchers in the US. Taiwan has a lot, but in the US they’re probably going to work at Walmart or other grocery stores.

Unless you are willing/able to pay a huge premium.

Just ignore his deliria folks


If the middle of the meat looks the same as raw meat, that’s uncooked by my standards :man_shrugging:

You’re welcome to have a different opinion

You mean the wet markets?

Well the wet market has pieces of pig and you can ask for specific cuts if they have it, or if you tell him ahead of time I’m sure he can get you specific cuts.

In the US I’ve never seen wet markets, everything’s in boxes like Costco. Not saying they don’t exist but you’ll definitely pay a huge premium for it.

Wal-mart doesn’t have butchers or meat cutters. A lot of grocery stores have meat cutters, but not a traditional butcher which will take down a full carcass or side. Still butcher shops around, but they’re not as common and getting more specialized.

Comparing cheapest cuts, yea, but for a quality cut, butcher shops are often really competitive, and sometimes cheaper. And you can get downright cheap stuff at a butcher shop that you can’t get at a regular grocery store.

You can do this at a butcher shop as well.

In Taiwan if you buy pork from the wet market, the pig was killed that morning. It’s incredibly fresh compared to anything you will find in any American supermarket.

Not in taiwan. There are 2 choices. Burned or still breathing. There’s no such thing as medium anything here.

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If you order steak they usually ask you, just the term is different, but means the same. I ask for 5 fen cooked.