Taiwan minors owning..?

Can a Taiwanese minor, children under the age of 18 own property…? ( Have the property legally in their names …)

Yes, the ROC Civil Code prescribes the following:

Hence minors are able to own property, i.e. a trust fund or a house or a baby jumper.

[quote] Article 13: The minor, who has not reached their seventh year of age, has no capacity to make juridical acts.
The minor, who is over seven years of age, has a limited capacity to make juridical acts. [/quote]

This is known as the “pocket money article”, meaning that for a minor 7 and up it is acceptable to spend limited amounts of money on things, i.e. buy candy with their pocket money. If they own 1,000,000 NT$ and buy a car, their limited capacity would make such a transaction beyond pocket money figures invalid.

Once a person is 20 their is no more limitation to their capacity.

In short: ownership is possible from birth, deciding what to do with the property by themselves comes at age 20. Parents cannot simply use their children’s money for their own spending though as that violates the prohibition of undue enrichment.