Taiwan Mobile (a flickr for mobile's in Taiwan)

I didn’t make the group yet, but I want to. Figured I’d first ask if anyone knows of a group (for Taiwan) that exists like this already. Also figured I’d get some imput on what the name of the group should be, maybe there could be a Chinese and English name. Or just English. Or just Chinese :slight_smile:.

Basically, I think it’d be cool to have a flickr group with pictures from people’s mobile phones from within the island(s). They wouldn’t have to be specifically about anything. Just being shot on/in Taiwan is good enough, and coming from a cellphone.

Here are some I’ve taken since getting a mobile with camera:

All of them can be seen [HERE]

If anyone needed help figuring out how to use their camera phone, how to upload to flickr from the phone, etc. They could ask here, PM me or whatnot.

I plan on creating the group today and getting this thing poppin’.