Taiwan Motor Find

This is a bit of a plug really, but I want you all to know that this new service is available for those in need of help in inspecting a used car and I can certainly help to ensure that used car purchases are safe purchases and give some peace of mind. At the moment T.M.F. is offering free car ad placements and free email consultations to those wishing to ask specific tech questions on faults, certain purchasing questions and so on. I will be keeping forumosa up to date on car reviews, as well as posting them on my home site. If anyone has any advice then please PM or email me and I will take all into consideration.
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Sulevaca -
It looks like needed service and a good value.
Best of fortune to your endeavor.

Thank you very much. It’s the business I have been hoping to get back into for a long time, as I loved working with cars back in England, but Taiwan hasn’t had the opportunity so far. I hope this will be a gradual expansion of business and services that can help the foreign and local community in ensuring good deals, but principally, better vehicle safety and a greater appreciation for quality transport.