Taiwan Mountain Dog?

I was just at the park with my dog. There were about 15 other dogs there for him to play with. We had a lot of fun.

In another thread I posted that we got attacked by a pitbull at that park and thankfully the owner doesn’t bring that dog around anymore. But he does have another Pit that is soooooo beautiful and well behaved. We all played together.

A horse of a dog showed up. It looks a bit like a Doberman but much bigger. Maybe a small Great Dane size. I asked someone what kind of dog it was and he said that it is a Taiwan Mountain Dog? “Gao Shan” (High Mountain) dog or something like that.

If I see it again I will take pictures and post them.

This dog started chasing mine and growling a bit but the owner said it was just playing and not to worry. I nearly crapped meself cause of it’s size.

I’m quite lucky that my dog is built like a large greyhound and can run faster than any dog I have ever seen :sunglasses:

Anyone ever heard of a dog fitting this description?

Only found info about Formosan Mountain Dog but this does not fit your description.


Is it a Bermese Mountain Dog?

Oh yeah… I’ve seen these before. Visited a guy in Taichong who breeds them. They’re like a supersized Taiwan Tu Gou, black, but with drop down ears instead of pricked up, tall as a great dane but a little heftier. He showed me a photo of his dog winning at a show, so it is a recognised breed here. He calls it a Tu Gou, but says there are three distinct breeds within the Tu Gou grouping, and this is the mountain kind.
Very nice dog, great temperament, smart, protective, but not aggressive.

They’re very nice dogs, and quite loyal too.

Mine is starting to mature a little more, and doesn’t quite respond to me as he did, I guess he’s hitting puberty now.

He’s about 10 months old now, and last weigh in at the vet was 43kg. Actually, I 'm quite happy with his size, but the vet said he will still grow just a tad slower.

His father is 50kg, and mother was 46kg.

For those intested in this breed, they are VERY active, and needs a place to run. So if you’re too busy with work, and cannot take him out for RUNS (not walks) at least twice a day, and large play area, then you’re better off with a toy dog.

Also, if you’ve never owned a dog before, again, its not suitable for 1st time owners.

If interested, let me know…puppies are generally available for adoption if you live outside of Taipei county.

Some pics of mine…next to my car wheels, which are 33" inches tall.

Taiwan mountain dog is same as city dogs isn’t it?

I believe so, when I was finally told by some Taiwanese what I had, they said they had been cross bred with another breed, hence the size, during Japanese occupation.

But I’ve seen these in 3 colors that I know of, all black, golden brown, and tiger striped.

I’m guessing they were mixed with Japanese Tosa, or some other large breed dog during the Japanese stay in Taiwan, even though some have said its native to Taiwan high mountains (hence the name)

But their bloodline, is from a traditional Taiwan mountain dog.

I’ve seen a few of the tiger-striped dogs…Just beautiful animals.
Good personalities also.

[quote=“merge”]Is it a Bermese Mountain Dog?


That is EXACTLY the dog I was talking about

[quote=“Lo Bo To”][quote=“merge”]Is it a Bermese Mountain Dog?


That is EXACTLY the dog I was talking about[/quote]

Hehe…totally different than Taiwan mountain dog, guess the dog owner, totally misinformed.

Monster dogs…monster poop.

There will be one of these Bernese Mountain dogs up for adoption soon. She is pretty sick at the moment and i want to get her back to health and neutered before i put her up for adoption. She was found on the street (dumped) and probably hit by a car. She couldn’t walk for a while (no broken bones or spinal injury), but after acupuncher she has started walking again, now i just need to get her fattened up a bit more and help cure her skin problem then she’ll be ready to go to a loving home. SO If anyone is interested in adopting this kind of dog please let me know. She has a wonderful loving personality. Just a big sop really.

Once she’s better, you should ask for Sean, from Taiwan SPCA, to help out on the adoption.

They have a lot of sources, and bigger network to help with adoptions.

I do believe he frequents here, forgot his username though.

Thanks Pablito for the advice. I’m actually a volunteer for Animalstaiwan and they will be helping with the adoption as well.

Hopefully she can find a very good home, but i won’t adopt her out until she is healthy. She came to my house today. Excellent temperment. Good with other animals.

If anyone is interested in a Bernese Mountain dog or you know someone who might be you can PM me. Thanks.

Just looked up that dog, wow…can imagine all the hair, it sheds.

That’s great, AT with Sean did a lot of work here in Taiwan.

Good luck with the adoption, I"m still trying to home 6 puppies. Not easy, but can be done