Taiwan MP poses for Playboy, clothed

Hahaha! Just saw this on CNN.com:

TAIPEI, Taiwan (Reuters) – A 41-year-old Taiwan legislator posed for Playboy’s Chinese-language magazine this month, but kept her clothes on saying she will not bare all until she is 60.
“I’ll pose nude at the age of 60 when I’m no longer a politician and don’t have to worry about what my constituents will think,” Yu Yueh-hsia, a straight-talking divorcee loved by constituents for her earthy language, told Reuters by telephone.
“Taiwanese women are beautiful in our own way. We may not be tall, but we have smooth skin. We don’t have freckles,” said Yu, who weighs about 55 kg (120 lb) and stands 153 cm (five feet) tall.
Yu said Playboy tried for two years to entice her to pose nude. She finally agreed to an interview only after being persuaded by her 19-year-old daughter.
The February edition of Playboy’s Chinese-language magazine devotes 10 pages to the wide-ranging interview with Yu, which includes photographs of her with her two children and aides.
In one of the pictures, she is dressed in a low-cut strapless evening gown, reclining on a sofa and looking up.
In the interview with Playboy, Yu said she used to watch Taiwanese puppet shows followed by Japanese pornographic videos while waiting for her husband, from whom she is now divorced, to come home.
Likes soldiers
Yu, who is extremely popular at the grassroots level, won most votes in the December parliamentary elections in the central agricultural county of Changhua.
She told Playboy that if she was asked to join the cabinet, she wants the defence portfolio because she likes soldiers.
“I feel they’re like me – straightforward and honest,” Yu said and broke into laughter.
She drew more laughter at a meeting of the island’s biggest opposition party last year when she asked Nationalist Party chairman Lien Chan, who is seen as a weak leader, to “get hard.”
Her Playboy debut comes on the heels of another woman politician, Chu Mei-feng, being involved in a sex scandal. Chu was caught on hidden camera having sex with a married lover at her home.
“There are not many cases of Taiwan women doing well in politics,” political scientist Chou Yu-shan said.
“Taiwan society still discriminates against women. In Yu Yueh-hsia’s case, many consider her a man and she needed to show her feminine side,” Chou added.

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When I saw the first part of the thread name, I instantly thought “Sisy Chen.” But then I saw “clothed” and knew it wouldn’t be her.

The photo with the article on the CNN site is probably more interesting than those Playboy shots. LOL!

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I would rather have seen her 19 year-old daughter pose.

Back in the old days, they really knew how to put a thread together…

I call it. TP has jumped the shark.
It’s a law that this happens to all Taiwan politics forums because Taiwan politics is constrained by the status quo and so there is only a finite amount of serious viewpoints. Therefore, they will all be exhausted in a finite amount of time.

Not that there is anything wrong with this. I like trivial threads, too.