Taiwan mud fish

Do all fish in Taiwan taste like mud or do my wife and I just pick the bad ones in traditional market?

We don’t buy the good looking fish in the market – the big white fishes or salmon. Instead, we get different types of fish about 8 to 10 inches in length, some red in color, some silver, some with big eyes some small, some shaped like a piranha some like a regular fish, but they all taste like mud.

Does that mean they come from a river rather than the ocean (scary thought in Taiwan)? Do all of the fish of that general size taste like mud? I don’t remember this problem back in the states.

Stop buying bottom feeders like carp, tilapia and such. Most fish, sold in the markets, are raised on farms in Taiwan. Splurge a little and get some salmon or trout.


Fish tasting like mud or normally fresh water fish loaded with heavy metals. It’s not a mud taste but a metal taste.

They are not caught in rivers but in lakes like Sun Moon, Shimen or are raised in fish farms etc.

Possibly some are imported, maybe from China.