Taiwan must be China after all

Guess the chinese are already controlling Taiwan but we don’t know it yet … :s

What has the Xinhua news agency to do with Taiwan?

taipeitimes.com/News/front/a … 2003327072

Oh … and there goes HK’s 50 year ‘democracy’ promise

They’ll have a hell of a time trying to keep news out of Hong Kong!

You should ask them that not us. Notice how it says “China … and Taiwan”, so they must sperate.

Even the KMT are thinking that already …

I think it should be called the Republic of Wibble and all news involving politicians should be banned.

C’mon. Let’s compromise. Merge CHina and tAIwan and get Chai. Republic of Chai – a truly wonderful brew.

[quote=“belgian pie”]Even the KMT are thinking that already …

Ha! See - it does exist!!

If it makes you feel better, we can all pretend its there…