Taiwan National Pension.. am/will be eligible to receive?

Hi all and Happy New Year!

Although I tried to find relevant information here at Forumosa and generally online, I would like to ask some questions related to Pensions from Taiwanese government.
For the past almost 2,5 years I hold a regular ARC and I am a full time employee in consultancies here in Taiwan. Before I start working I asked and I researched that I am not entitled to be registered in the “National Pension System” of Taiwan and therefore in my salary statement “Labor insurance retirement” was always blank (or i think you have to stay in the country at least 7 years in order to be able to be registered).
However, this year I plan to marry my girlfriend and I want to ask if being married to a Taiwanese if I then can have the right to pay my share and after, I do not know how many years, I can get a pension from Taiwan (ok ok… I know it is in trouble etc :whistle: ).
Also, my girlfriend and I are thinking to move back to my home-country sometime later (not sure though) but I wonder if we set-up an office here with her before we leave, we come and go, in this case can I still be paying monthly my labor insurance retirement share and get a Pension from Taiwan? I think in order to be able to have health care, even arc etc you need to be in the country for at least 180 days… does this apply also to pension related matters?
If this question is asked before, could you please direct me to the relevant topic and lock this one?

Thanks a lot for any info!

I suggest that you collect copies of all your salary payment records, withholding tax records, tax payment records, work permits, and all other documentation related to your employment here in Taiwan. Then you should get together with a Chinese/English speaking friend here in Taiwan and go to the information center at the Bureau of Labor Insurance.

The website at bli.gov.tw/en/ has contact information. For your case, I fully recommend a personal visit in order to get your questions answered in a comprehensive fashion.

Hartzell hi, thanks for the response… although i hope/believe that he Bureau of Labor Insurance should have records of my salaries/taxes etc what you mention is a good piece of advice and i think i have all of them.

do I understand this correctly… anyone with an APRC can pay into the pension and later after 65 yrs old, recieve a pension? ( on what they paid into )

I did not find time yet to follow Hartzell’s advice but when i first come in Taiwan like 2 years ago, what i had figured out from my online research was more or less what sleepingtuger just said… Does anyone is really doing something like this?