Taiwan naturalisation language exam questions

I would like to get the ‘Certificate of the Basic Language Command’ for naturalisation, by taking the exam, but I can’t find much information about the exam, other than a few posts made eight years ago.

  1. Where can I take the exam?
  2. How often are the exams held? Monthly? Yearly?
  3. Where can I get learning or preparation materials for the exam?
  4. Is it possible to take the exam for other Taiwan languages, such as Hokkien?

I live in Taipei if that helps.


HHR office.

iirc, you can take the exam anytime in Taipei.隨到隨考

Here you will find a past exam.

歸化測試題庫:筆試 口試
筆試 https://www.ris.gov.tw/zh_TW/c/document_library/get_file?uuid=0f9dda6b-0dda-4644-90fb-101515d8aab9&groupId=10157
口試 https://www.ris.gov.tw/zh_TW/c/document_library/get_file?uuid=0710ce8a-1e52-465c-a903-e5279c254c13&groupId=10157


Can I just rock up to my household registration office any time and take it?

Was thinking of doing it on Monday morning if I can. Test seems quite easy.

Iirc, you can. You can confirm it by giving them a call before you pay a visit, though.

I can’t answer the question and I don’t want to derail the thread too much but are you applying under the new professional scheme or the original renounce your original passport one?
You can PM me if you prefer.


Applying for naturalisation based on my spouse ARC, so the original renunciation scheme. I’m British so I can get my citizenship back if I wanted to after acquiring Taiwanese nationality. I went to the household registration office, and they actually have two exams now, rather than one in the past. They have the standard multiple choice exam (now with more questions) and an oral reading exam.

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