Taiwan needs a catchword

[quote] Lee Nan-yang, director of the GIO’s International Information Service Department, said the GIO is trying to come up with a new catchword to highlight Taiwan’s national image like Thailand’s “Amazing Thailand.”

“We hope to figure out the new image catchword by the end of this year,” Lee added.[/quote]— edited from CNA article

I am sure it is used before for another country but how about “Discover Taiwan”.

“Stinky Taiwan” was the first thing that popped into my nose, er, mind.

Taiwan: Touch your ______ (part of body)

What? You mean that ‘Innovalue’ didn’t do the trick? :noway: :unamused:


Konnichiwa minna-san!!! :bow: :bow:

Have you tried to explain your experiences in Taiwan to your friends and family at “home”? -then you maybe have found out that it is pretty difficult.

-must be experienced
(as in can not be explained)

Taiwan - so much more than a heat rash…

Taiwan – Making Friends with the World!!
(Note: The spirit of “international reciprocity” is not recognized by the Taiwan Nationality Law, and foreigners must first renounce their original nationality before applying for Taiwan citizenship. The Ministry of the Interior wishes you a pleasant day.)

Taiwan – floating happily in political ambiguity

Taiwan – a territorial cession still under the administrative authority of the United States (the “principal occupying power” of the San Francisco Peace Treaty of April 28, 1952)

A mouthful, but catchy.

Taiwan Today!

or Tough it out in Taiwan!

Taiwan - the Accidental Colony

Not Thailand, TAI-WAN

[quote=“hexuan”]Taiwan - the Accidental Colony[/quote] Taiwan - the Accidental US Colony

MY ANALYSIS IS BASED ON the “Insular Cases” of the US Supreme Court (beginning in 1901), which show that where the US is the principal occupying power, a “limbo cession” by peace treaty is “unincorporated territory under the United States Military Goverment” by default, while simulaneously being in interim status under the law of occupation …

Amazhing Taiwan Land

, not a phrase you guys.
Like Tempting Taiwan.

Taiwan – the awakening virgin

[color=red]- OR -[/color]

Taiwan – the eager Chinese virgin

[color=red]- OR -[/color]

Taiwan – wide open for you