Taiwan new golden age?

Is Taiwan entering a new economic golden age, we are seeing news like the world is depedent on Taiwan technology, Taiwan will grow 5 percent and some people say it will be long term, is this the end of stagnation in Taiwan and a start of a new era, ( pls answer what you know)




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:crystal_ball: My reply is no


Well, it’s settled then.


I am happy, I hope it will not turn to a bubble like Japan

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Yes and I called it 3 years ago. The writing was on the wall, but people are only starting to feel the changes now. Also it will continue with the only risk being China.


Damn that’s good since I plan to be real estate agent, i can enjoy it

If this is a golden age why am I not enjoying it ?
I don’t see (m)any bubbly happy people about.
It depends what area you work in really. For most of us it’s still going to be a backwater except electronics.
Not that it’s a bad thing that the economy is on the up.
I got annoyed with the extra traffic this year along with the high prices for local vacations ,also the persistent air pollution (basically I noticed some negatives maybe even more than the positives…If I worked in electronics I might be more positive I guess ).


Especially when you got that fat fat bonus.

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Well… it might have just started. And not everyone in society benefits from everything.

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I’ll believe it when I see it.

On my bored, looking at Taipei housing that I will not even be able to afford when I win the lottery, I saw that the value per ping seems to have plummeted in most areas, yet a two bedroom, 24 ping apartment that’s at least a 10 minute walk from the MRT still wants nearly a million USD.

If Taiwan experiences a “golden age”, I’ll resolve to understand that I am forever at the mercy of landlords and the housing bubble will never deflate.


There are no major cities in the world where living in what is essentially the downtown is affordable.

But, unlike Canada, I can easily afford a house in the suburbs hare. Housing is not affordable in Toronto and remains similarly unaffordable in Mississauga, Vaughan, Oakville and more.

If Taipei was as unaffordable as Toronto, we’d all be living in Yilan commuting.


Actually my home city in Europe, with a massive housing boom for years and much higher incomes , is still more reasonable place to buy by far.
Especially if you look at what you are buying.

And outside the capital.city the quality of housing is factors better than Taiwan.

Renting is a different story.
Taiwan has terrible value in terms of what you pay for.
Renting is good.


Does it have millions within its borders?

It doesn’t matter . It’s the reality of accommodation standards having quite a big gap.
.Renting is the complete opposite.
.In frustrated because I want to buy, have the money, but don’t see any value whatsoever in buying here in Taiwan .

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It does, cause my point was about major cities.

Can’t compare Taipei and its density to a city of 100 000 when Greater Taipei is 7 million.

Taiwan certainly has its charms, most of them not to be found in the cities. Sure, there will be another burst of economic activity on the back of semiconductors, finance and housing development. But I think it’s all lopsided. Much investment here is misguided and geared toward short term profits for individuals. Golden era? Increasing greed and ugly construction more like it. A radical redistribution of wealth might lead to a golden era, nothing else will. The place is starting to remind me of Hong Kong in the 1990s boom era, and this does not augur well.


Exactly when were those good old days when this place was not marked by “greed and ugly construction”?

If I were to venture a guess, I might pick 1928. :rofl:



Tell me what technology Hong Kong develops or produces? Their main industries are real estate and finance. Zero sum stuff.

How much is the Chinese government paying you?

What prompted you to make that prediction?

Semiconductor supply chain is exploding, with Mediatek becoming #1 in an American-dominated industry. ASML and Mitsubishi upping their investments.

But the economy is diversifying.
Taiwan expected to take the lead on flat panels.
Foxconn is poised to become the Android of electrical vehicles.

That’s why a free trade agreement is necessary. Electronics is already tariff-free under the WTO.

Have you seen this?