Taiwan News, but why?

Clearly, the Taiwan News has been recognized as the worst. But I am curious as to why. The wire stories are from the same sources. CNA is a wire service (no giggling, please).
Is it only the design? Story ranking? Spellilng mistakes? Reporting?
Could we also have some feedback from some of the 3,000-odd members of Oriented that never or seldom post, please?

Wolf, I’ll start things buy saying I buy it once a blue moon, maybe. Personally, from a patriotic point of view, I’d say I’d don’t buy it cause there’s rarely any Aussie news (actually on par with the China Post for that matter …more on, the China Post is worse for Aussie Sport though). And yeah, the layout. If the Taipei Times keeps winning the best design award, it’s no wonder if you compare it to the other two, especially the Taiwan News.

Thanks amos, but that’s it?
3,000-odd members of Oriented, god knows how many living here in Taiwan, and only one response?
Funny too since it was voted the worst by far on the other thread. Are you sure that it is the worst or are you just being flippant, people?

The international news is the same as everywhere else … copy and paste jobbies … wire … whateva …

The local news … it’s reported poorly in my opion - the same thing (sometimes even sentance) would be repeated along with an abundance of spelling mistakes. Poor grammar, poor reports … but I read it … It doesnt bug me in the least a smuch as other members.

After all - it’s just news.

As for news/sport from back home - no Taiwan paper caters for that - so no point in bitching.

China Post has their weekend edition on Fridays. Taipei Times has their Business section which I hear is going away. Those things make them unique. What does the Taiwan News have? What makes them special? Nothing!

I’ve also noticed that the China Post is a little quicker about pulling important stuff off the wire. I’ve often seen stuff in the China Post a day before I see it in TT or Taiwan news.

I dislike the News because it’s become a DPP pamphlet. What I want to know is who at the Times saw what happened to the News and said “Hey, yeah, let’s do that!

It’s interesting to note how the three papers placed and reported the story about the US saying it’s against Taiwanese independence:

Taiwan News

China Post

Taipei Times

The Post puts the story fairly high on the page, with a picture, while the Times buries it and takes the point of the article out of the headline, and the News only prints a government official saying it doesn’t mean anything. Very telling.