Taiwan Night Market in New Jersey March 30th

A flyer was e-mailed to me from the New Jersey Taiwanese American Assoc. It was very poor scan and not worth posting . Here is the text:

Taiwanese American Student Association in conjunction with ASC Elements
Presents: Night Market


Where: College Ave Student Center
When: Sunday March 30th, 6PM

Thanks Taiwan_Student for posting that event information. I am from that area and will pass it on to friends and family. I am one of those expats that can never convince anyone to make the long trip here for a visit so it is a chance for them to get a taste of Taiwanese culture. If they go and I get any feedback I’ll post it here. Thanks again.

Freak! I wish I found this forum one week earlier! Darn it!


scchu wrote

“Freak! I wish I found this forum one week earlier! Darn it!”

Well, you didn’t miss anything scchu. I told some relatives about the Night Market who drove down to the campus the night of the event (in an unusual spring snowstorm) and after searching around for the event finally found an information desk attendant who said it was cancelled with no explanation.

I checked their web site the next day and it only had this oblique reference:

“Our deepest apologies, Night Market has been cancelled for 03.30.03 due to unspecific reasons by our advisor. Every member of our team sacrificed their time and energy to put together what would be the biggest event ever held at Rutgers by a student organization, and perhaps some of the advisors were too afraid of the chances involved. If you have concerns please contact us or our advisor. We will definately work on Night Market for next year!”

I sent an email to their advisor with a cc to the student organizers asking for an explanation and I have never received a reply. Why they would cancel an event that was advertised on their web site four days before it was scheduled is still a mystery but it caused much inconvenience to my family.

Thanks for the update! Please do keep me (or rather, those of us who are “trapped” in the US) posted on any events like this. As much as I go to Chinatown (at least twice a month), I haven’t been keeping up with interesting (and unusual) events like this. Thanks again!