Taiwan nightclub brings bottles as Ghanaian Pallbearers, racist blackface?

Taiwan is making all kinds of news.


Club Omni.

That took a dramatic turn into a claimed racist situation dressed in blackface.

Claiming the Taiwanese club is racist, not knowing some owners are also Americans.

Ghanaian pallbearers seen as pretty funny and hip now so clubs just trying f to have Some fun with it I think

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They could have done the pallbearer dance without going full-Trudeau. Everyone would have recognized it and had their laugh.


I think it would be far more funny if they did it with Ghanaian pallbearers physically present in the audience.


But only citizens and ARC holders allowed in Taiwan right now

I’m sure there are a few Ghanaian pallbearers with ARCs.

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Ghana’s native language is English, so they should qualify for visas for teaching English, I’m sure nobody would notice if they had a pallbearer job on the side.

China maybe but Taiwan must be
Rare I think anyways could be wrong
And I think any side gigs
Could result in loss of ARC
Taiwan is much tougher now in these things FAIK

Are you okay, Tommy? That last post was CRACT. :hushed:

I’m thinking of setting it to music. That’s poetry.

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Which post ?

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Ha I get it now :laughing:

You sure that switch to Linux isn’t affecting more than your computer? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Switching to Linux makes you smarter


Yeah. You have to be to get that damn thing to work.


could have done it without the blackface and avoided all the hassle.

seriously why did they not think that wouldn’t raise a shit storm? foolish

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They still do the dance without the black face.

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They don’t think of things that way on planet Taiwan

Here they had school kids pretending to be Nazi

They don’t exhibit the normal
Sensitivities on planet Taiwan land of decades of Blackie toothpaste