Taiwan NNTP servers?

Are they any? English searchs have only brought up some college servers.

thx fer dee help

Almost all the major isps run news servers for their members. most of the time they are just on news.hinet.net, news.seednet.com.tw, news.giga.net.tw or similar. Check you’re isp’s website, or just try it out.

Do you know how good their alt.binaries list is?

Uncensored, if that’s what you’re looking for!
But there are more legitimate uses for usenet, especially for a programmer like myself. So you’re not going to catch me out on that one :blush:

No no no… uh, I was looking for that programing stuff and stuff too :blush:

But thanks for answering me question :smiling_imp:

Had a look at news.hinet.net. Doesn’t seem to be much on there.

There’s a public NNTP server at biggulp.readfreenews.net that someone set up for testing. I don’t know if you can post through it or not (I suspect not), but you should be able to read pretty much anything there.

As with any other free, open service on the 'net, it’s bogged down quite hideously most of the time. Read the FAQ:

www.Teranews.com has a low-cost service which might be useful if you need a limited amount of stuff. (Used to be free; now I think they charge a one-time registration fee of $4.) Disclaimer: their site isn’t responding right now; they might have disappeared.

GMX.IT has a free web interface to read news, including binary newsgroups. It’s supposed to be an enticement to buy their news service, but it’s such a pain that I decided not to pay 'em. They have a hard limit of 3MB (yes, three megabytes, not giga) per day. And because of all the garbage they throw in (even the ads count against you), the limit is really more like 2MB. I’m not sure what the “day” is defined by; it seems to drift. Retention is low, at most 36 hours. This URL will get you to a page of subject lines (fix it in the obvious way):
eng.globalnews.it/cgi-bin/dnewsw … HERE&utag=
Well, pshaw. Their server isn’t responding either. I hope it’s temporary.

For non-binary stuff, you can read free at groups.google.com/