Taiwan now second-richest in Asia

I was just in Ukraine. Taiwan looks like third-world Ukraine.

These kinds of reports are basicly hidden advertisements to sell insurance related financial products…


Thats true, so many articles now say “Sponsored” in small font. I see so many Pro China articles on NYT then I read “Sponsored”

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Yeah on the China subject there’s some kind of org called CDG or something recently they are sponsoring a shitload of ‘positive articles’ on China.

K Man you in the Wrong country!

Yeah. I lived there for 6 years (2007-2013). There are things I prefer about Taiwan (eg: much less racism, believe it or not), but South Korea is a lot more economically developed by almost every metric.

What metrics?

Larger GDP, higher average income, more developed infrastructure especially when it comes to roads, quality of education, internet connectivity and stability, etc

That merely means Taiwan looks poorer than it really is, not it’s poorer period.

Well they are definitely poorer on average than Singapore and Japan. Japan has dropped down a bit but overall they are still far wealthier. Average salary after tax in Japan is over twice that of Taiwan.
Singapore is on a different planet in terms of earnings.

The ‘average’ apple costs the same tho.

If you compare Tokyo to Taipei, Tokyo has 37% more purchasing power.

Yeah and Taiwan is their #4 target hence the rank :roll:

No it’s not. Now JPY has become stronger but it still isn’t over twice. Maybe Tokyo is.

People seem not able to grasp that income is what you earn in a short period of time, and wealth is what you own.

Is this according to Numbeo?

Tell me how Joe Soap Taiwanese is richer than Joe Soap Japanese or Singaporean, I’m all ears.

I never said that.

What else? Income and GDP are essentially the same thing.

The median salary in Japan is 2 million NTD/year, indicating there’s a massive gulf in earnings compared to Taiwan.

The median salary is not even 2 million/year in the US, but sure it’s 2 mil in Japan :roll:

That’s what the stats say.

In Singapore the median salary is 1.2 million NTD per year , but I’m not sure if that includes foreign workers.
I know professional workers in Singapore get paid VERY WELL.

Then your stats are wrong.

In Korea the median salary is only a bit higher than Taiwan about 500-600k TWD per year. But professionals get paid better in Korea too , there’s a big wealth gap there.