Taiwan number 1 place to work

I would actually like to know are there any companies in the world that provide accurate surveys. Anyway this one is a good un Lol Lol
Taiwan number 1 :rofl:

…if you’re the CEO of a semi-conductor company.


“Raise a family”…what complete rubbish.
While certainly doable, it’s far from favorable

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Some rubbish those surveys…
Best place to work ? (In general - Low pay, poor work conditions and opportunities for advancement limited)
Best place to raise a family (lowest birth rate in the world, pollution issues, education issues, crowded living conditions )
Language issues due to Chinese
Geopolitical uncertainty

Taiwan isn’t a bad place at all but it’s very far from the best to move to for those four factors.

Make friends? I thinks its a challenge for a lot of people who move here (same can be said for many places but language is the biggest extra challenge ).


…if you’re highly-skilled or have special skills and know how to negotiate a lucrative compensation package or you’re a beneficiary of a nepotistic arrangement.

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From the original survey:

with only 9% of respondents raising children in 2019, there were not enough expat parents for Taiwan to rank in the Family Life Index.

So not sure where the data to support “number 1 country in the world to raise a family” came from in the headline.

So the other 91% of respondents were likely sycophantic millennials who stayed on the island for a grand total of 6 months before moving on to the next hipster destination on their live abroad resume.


Ah ok that pretty much nailed the end of the thread :+1:


I feel like moving to Taiwan, but I need to study the language first.

the taiwan namber wan jizz fest has reached new lows! no shame for these fanboys.


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Raise your hand if any of you expats participated in this crazy survey? Let’s see how many of you have problem in your mind.