Taiwan on the weekend? What, where

What do you reckon is the best thing to do in Taiwan on weekends? For me, sitting on the roof drinking stubbies with the footy streaming live over the internet, then occasionally peeking over the ledge to watch the latest taxi/scooter accident. But that’s just me.

partial to watching the trotters myself, nothing like a few bets with your sunday morning coffee.

Do you mean Taiwan or Taipei? Either way, the weekend options are unlimited.

Whilst I do enjoy rooftop BBQ’s with mates, nothing beats getting out of the city. For me this usually involved the mountains and a bicycle. Hiking or biking in Taiwan are spectacular. Head off for a weekend a tent in the mountains… supreme.

The islands of Jinmen and Green are also great weekend getaways. Seeing Taiwan on a clear day whilst eating seafood on a terrace right on the beach is pretty spectacular.

Then there are the usual suspects - Jioufen, Daxi, Taidung etc etc.

If I am not allowed to work in Matsu or Kinmen during the weekend I will go to the game club and wait for Amos to show up with “Risk” under his arm. Until then I continue to play Phase10 while sipping my nai cha … :wink:

Work on my garden with Rascal once in awhile providing a bit of long-distance advice.

Touring the northern part of the island with 3 beautiful girls.

Reading - drinking beer and relaxing.

Visiting friends.

Finding cool restaurants in odd places.

Hiking followed by a sit in the spa and sauna.

Sunday night RPG gaming with beer and the boys in the “Dungeon”. :smiling_imp:

One word: sleep.

Well, that and sprucing up my place from where I have just dropped things right after work, play a little piano, hang out at games club…

and sleep.

I usually have to work most of Saturday, but Saturday night, we usually get a group of 6-8 friends together for some live music or some dancing. We try to start at an interesting restaurant somewhere, finish about 2 or 3 am. We go to a variety of different venues about Taipei. If not, then my girl and I will go shopping, have a nice dinner, see a movie.

I like to go for a long hike on Sunday morning at YangMinShan, then hit a museum or have tea or both with a friend on Sunday afternoon. There’s also a good yoga class at our gym that we sometimes go to on Sunday. Sometimes we’ll visit a hot spring, or go on a day trip to Jiufen, WuLai, and the like.

Of course, every once in a while, we just lay around and read the newspaper and watch movies all day, then head out to the nightmarket at night. Sundays should be whatever you want them to be, eh?

I find that my weekend is all used up by the following events:

Sat: Sleep, Eat, TV/Movie
Sun: Sleep, Eat, TV/Movie

I need to find a country with a three-day weekend.

I am on the lookout for a place with a 7-day weekend.

Mr. He when I was in Bali, I met a lot of Aussies doing 2 month weekends.

A 50 year one would make me happy.