Taiwan Online Games

Are foreigners able to play Taiwan Online Games?

I see you need a ROC ID to register so I just wondered…

And does anyone play any online games in taiwan (in chinese of course)


I found a ROC ID Number generator… is it illegal to make one to sign up for a game… because I wont have a ROC ID anytime soon and I wanna practice and play taiwan games and make friends so I can learn ^_^…


Why would you want to play Taiwanese online games? They are pretty much all crap.

I find them quite fun actually.

I have used the id generator to play games here- I think it’s ridiculous that you need to provide an id number for that. So do many locals and thats why the generators are so easy to find.

So even teens/locals use them too?

Hm… Everywhere I read I hear of 10,000 NT and 3 years of prison lol.

locals use them- that’s why they exist

Ok, if you use a generated one, will your account be shut down?

Try using you ARC number. Someone used mine when they wanted to set up a Yahoo email account. They lost their password to their original account and couldn’t use the same ID number again when they wanted to make a new one.

do you think game companies go around verifying the authenticity of the id numbers? they only ask because all companies seem to ask…probably to sell information to a third party.

I’ve tried using my ARC number before and only had luck with some games.