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@Jasonong335933, does your grandfather have household registration? If so, and he can activate it, things may be easier.

Your mother can claim her nationality through her father (your grand father). She should get a TARC by one of the ways in the above linked instruction and stay for one year. then she will get a taiwanese ID. Iiuc.

During that time there is no national id.in his passport during 1970’s but he is born in china and came to taiwan then philippines And how can we know if he have a taiwanese national id.coz unlike 90’s passport they have

Is your grandfather still alive, or has he passed away?

Has passed away if he is alive maybe 105 years old already

I don’t know. Is there any info about his household registration on his passport? Was it in the area of the current PRC?

Anyway, i think your mother can claim a ROC nationality and get a passport by her father’s ROC passport. Then, if you are born after 1980 Feb 9, you can claim the nationality by your mother’s nationality.
Though in Chinese,

If your mother cannot prove that her father has household registration in Taiwan area when she was born, she cannot get her TARC by her father, so she needs to be eligible by some other reason to stay Taiwan.

This is all if I understand things correctly, and I can be wrong, so you may be better to contact TECO in Manila.

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For example she have a sister and brother who have taiwan id.like in the law but her sister is in the philippines for more than 1 year is her sister can lend her the docs.and her brother too but the problem is they are not in good terms what can my mom can do?

Do my mom need a petition if she can bring a docs but her sister is not in taiwan?

if their household registrations are active, that is enough. your mother’s siblings don’t need to be in Taiwan, if I understand correctly.

How did they get their taiwanese national ID? Can’t your mother do the same thing?

During the 90’s its easy to apply and there household is not active coz they live in the philippines

I think you might find some information on your grandfathers household registration through the transcript of their household registration (戶籍謄本 ). If you could find your grandfather had household registration, your mother can get TARC by him.

Are there still someone in their household registration? If so, they can ask the person to get the transcript. The transcript is 現戶謄本 in Chinese. If there is no one and the household registration is completely moved-out, the transcript is 除戶謄本 in Chinese.

Your mother’s siblings can ask to someone in Taiwan to get the transcript with their authenticated power of attorney.

How to get the transcript, in Chinese

If he didn’t have household registration, your mother should ask to your sister or brother to recover their household registration, if she wants to get residency by them.

How to recover inactive household registration

In Chinese

Added: does your mother have Filipino nationality? if your mother is a ROC national with no other nationality in Philippine, there might be special regulations. Did you already ask to TECO in Manila?

This organization and person might give you some help.

天主教嘉祿國際移民組織台灣分會 主任莊惠玲
Scalabrini International Migration Network (SIMN), Taiwan

My mom only have a roc nationality and she is 67 years old but both of her sister and brother they didnt have a good term…before i have ask the teco in manila they said the household should should not be more than 3 months but what i understand im so sure about this but it said it need petition from someone with id. But i dont know if in taiwan if my mom will apply if she need her brother or sister personally with her in taiwan or the xerox copy of there passport or household and id.only please help me

I think it means the petition should be done by someone with an active household registration. Maybe the person (in your mother’s case, her sister or brother) doesn’t need to be in Taiwan, but should have an active household registration. To recover their moved-out household registration, they need to visit Taiwan by themselves.

Did you already check the transcript of their household registration? If not, I would suggest to start from there.

I think the person in my previous post (莊惠玲) has worked to help Filipino-Chinese to return to Taiwan. It may not be hurt anything to try contacting to SIMN. They might know some ways to help your mother.

Scalabrini International Migration Network (SIMN), Taiwan
Address: 台北市中山北路三段51號1樓
TEL: 02.25995943
email: simntwn@gmail.com

actually, I’m not sure what you mean in this part.

Iiuc, your mother can get an entry/exit permit and stay in Taiwan for 3 months, and she can extend it once without leaving taiwan. So, she should exit taiwan once every 6 months. I don’t think she needs a petition for this.

During her stay in Taiwan, she can work if she wants, because she doesn’t have any other nationality. She can also enroll to NHI through her employment.

If she stays in Taiwan more than 183 days per year for 7 years, she would be eligible to get a TARC. After she gets a TARC and stay in Taiwan for a year, she can get a household registration.


The above is case 4 in the following page of TECO in Manila.


I now understand that you said about case 3 in the page. Though the instruction says petition, maybe it should be applied by your mother with the national ID and transcript of active household registration of her sister or brother.

Some related articles and instruction.



Short-term residency of nationals without registered household in Taiwan area

Visa extension for nationals without registered household in Taiwan area


Though the instruction says petition, maybe it should be applied by your mother with the national ID and transcript of active household registration of her sister or brother------yes you are right about this thats why i am very much confuse and bec.my mom didnt have good terms with her sister and brother so we are not sure regarding the petition both of her brother and sister dont want it like they coming to teco in manila and interview then submission of docs etc. but what i am sure and what i am think is what if my mom go to taiwan then she will borrow the roc passport with id.or even household who are expired and the national id.of her sister or brother then personal apply in taiwan without petition from both of her siblings…and about the petition i have ask the teco in manila and they said that they are siblings it should be the household should be in 3 months period not more than that…

Actually my mothers fathers passport is not current where PRC are roc during that time and his passport actually where roc which is taiwan now during 70’s but his fathers passport during that time dont have national id.unlike the 90’s of passport which do they have national id.intact in the bio page

if your mother wants to do the case 3 (petition), she anyway needs to submit the application form with a transcript of active household registration of her sister or brother. The transcript should be issued within 3 months.

She needs the transcript, regardless whether she applies at TECO in Manila, or at NIA in Taiwan. She needs to submit the same documents at either places.

You can check here what she needs to do it here.

Notices for the Application of National Living Abroad without Registered Household in Taiwan Area for Residence in Taiwan Area

The transcript is included in “Other related certificates (see attached table)”, which is to prove your mother’s eligibility to get residency.

and about the petition i have ask the teco in manila and they said that they are siblings it should be the household should be in 3 months period not more than that…

The household registration of her siblings are inactive now, so it needs to be reactivated. To do that, the siblings should visit Taiwan by themselves. Your mother cannot do that instead of them.

If she cannot get the transcript of her something’s active household registration, she should use the case 4 to get her residency: staying in Taiwan for more than 183 days every yeas for 7 years.

Like what you said that my mom can work in taiwan is it allowed even in big factory or in any stores even she is a(NWHR)?coz i have heard only with national id.can work but in big factories a NWHR cant but can only work in a small stores or stalls but i dont know if NWHR need to apply or can apply for work permit or discontinued for NWHR to apply for work permit what i have heard also to other people
2)about the national health insurance i have heard that NWHR cant apply for it unless he/she have a permanent resident in taiwan area or national id.its confusing

if she doesn’t have Filipino nationality and the taiwanese nationality is her only nationality, she can legally work in Taiwan without a work permit, even if she is a NWOHR (national without household registration).

Employment Service Act

Article 79
The provisions of the Act regarding foreign workers shall be applicable to the employment of stateless persons as well as nationals of the Republic of China also possessing the nationality of foreign country(s) but with no permanent residence in the Republic of China.

In Chinese

行政院勞工委員會勞職外字第 ○九二○○五九八二四號函

Tando what if they allowed for taiwan passport max.of 6 months then What will happened if I over stay it for months or years?

you cannot get any supports from government which you could get when you stay legally. you would be fined and deported if you are caught, and re-entry would be prohibited for a while. years you illegally stay in Taiwan are not counted to get a residency and citizenship. It might become a reason to reject your citizenship.

As for your grandfather’s household registration, do you know the address of the household of your mother’s siblings? If your grandfather had a household registration, it could be at the same address. You could ask to the HHR office at the place.