Taiwan passport

An old HHR cannot be reactivated by an agent, iiuc. One of your mother’s siblings should go to Taiwan to reactivate a HHR.

If your grandfather had a HHR, it would be the easiest way for your mum.

Tando if i got my grandfather HHR if gods permit that he have it is the easiest way like you said to have for my mum HHR and can lead to have a taiwan id.?

yes, in that case, your mother can use the third qualification to apply for TARC.

You may need to know whether your grandfather had HHR in Taiwan, and understand well on the procedure and required documents for the TARC application.

Tando thank you so much…i hope my mum can get this one in jesus name AMEN…and tando is there are so called residence permit or it is same as TARC also but diff.term?thank you again tando

Tando i saw my grandfather have an old 2 taiwan passport one is he said that he is from china born and the 2nd he is born in the philippines before he died we got his passport but the 2nd passport is my cousin was so stupid he erase i dont know what he is using the info.in our grandfather passport the one i said he is born in the philippies and my cousin put the name and other pictures on it and and he erase everything about my grandfathers info.and my question is can i bring this to the taiwan and show this 2 passport if my grandfather has a HHR?
1)can taiwan recoznized the 2nd passport if it was for my grandfather even it was erase by my cousin
2)can taiwan dont file a case against us bec.of the erasure and put other info.and picture on it?coz my grandfather have the first passport