Taiwan Passport

Can I get a Taiwan passport without household registration.
My great great great grandparent was born in Taiwan and was a Taiwan citizen.

At that time when your great great great grandparent was born, was there a ROC on Taiwan?

If so,
was the person, and the person’s lineal descendants till maybe your grandparent or parent were all male?
Until 2000, a child between Taiwanese mother and foreigner father didn’t get a Taiwanese nationality.

If they were all male, can you provide proves of his citizenship and lineal blood relations from him to you?

If so, I think you can.

What do you mean by “
At that time when your great great great grandparent was born, was there a ROC on Taiwan?”
And if is on my Paternal side of my family.
What documents do I need and where can I apply?

Republic of China was established in 1912 in the reagion currently PRC, and Taiwan was governed by Japan from 1895 to 1945. You may need documents issued by ROC authorities.

Household registration or passport of your great great great grandparent issued by a ROC authority, and birth certificates, which can be their household registration showing they are son of their father, from him to you.

Japanese or Qing documents showing his household registration in Taiwan might be accepted, but I’m not sure.

Also what is Overseas Chinese status?
I am a USA citizen
Can I get it?


Overseas Compatriot Identity Certification Act

basically, you need a document to prove ROC nationality of your paternal ancestor.

Can I apply for the Taiwan passport with this document?
What are the benefits of holding this?

what document do you have to get the certificate? If you get the certificate by a document just showing your Chinese ethnicity, it cannot be used to get a passport.

Male ROC nationals with citizenship usually get it to avoid conscription.

What are the benefits of it?
You are wrong I think because the Taiwanese government website says this “ An overseas compatriot principally uses an Overseas Compatriot Identity Certificate as a basis for exercise of various rights and interests upon his return to Taiwan. The OCAC issues Overseas Compatriot Identity Certificates primarily to facilitate overseas compatriots in regard to investments, business registrations, disposals of real estate, inheritances, opening of bank accounts, taxation, examinations, residence in Taiwan, and passport procedures.” The website link is https://www.ocac.gov.tw/OCAC/Eng/FAQ/List.aspx?nodeid=455#


"Proof of ROC nationality”

6. Overseas Compatriot Identity Certificate, but does not include that issued to an applicant who obtained the Certificate through providing Proof of Chinese Ethnicity.

So then I need to show proof of my great great great grandparents roc nationality to get all the benefits including the passport without household registration in Taiwan?

What is my Chinese name
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You might get some benefits without showing proof of your great great great grandparents roc nationality, but to get a passport you surely need it.

Where a person applies for an Overseas Compatriot Identity Certificate by submitting proof of Chinese ethnicity, the OCAC will annotate on the Overseas Compatriot Identity Certificate issued the fact that the applicant had lodged the application on the basis of such proof of Chinese ethnicity; the substantive validity of such an Overseas Compatriot Identity Certificate will be determined by the relevant authority responsible for each specific purpose.

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