Taiwan Pet Experiences

What kinds of pets do you have here in Taiwan?

  • Cat(s)
  • Dog(s)
  • Bird(s)
  • Fish(ies)
  • Cat(s) AND Dog(s)
  • Other Combination
  • Spider(s) and/or Exotic Insect(s)
  • Pet Rock(s)
  • No pets, but I talk to my houseplants…
  • Just the greyish-green fuzz at the back of my fridge…

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Okay, I must admit I have another weakness in addition to Christmas. I can’t even look at street animals or take care of other people’s pets because I could never give them up if I took them in (I have to leave the country a lot and I am not home often). I have managed to be in Taiwan for a long time without a pet because I literally run if I see a street animal so I won’t take it in. The reason I bring this up is that tonight I was walking down the street near my house and felt this heavy thump on my leg. I looked down and saw this cute, healthy looking mutt (about 6 months old) looking up at me doing the “dog smile”. I started walking again, thump. I yelled, “scram” and turned around and thump again while he looked up at me waiting for me to chase him. I waved my newspaper at him and thump he hits my leg again. There was no barking, no biting, just jumping on my leg to play and only after I turned around to leave. Finally, I ran because I knew if he made it to my house, I would not be able to turn him away. The dog had no collar, but was extremely healthy and clean (meaning he must have had an owner). If I see him again, I don’t know if I can withstand the psychic onslaught and I might take him in (whether he has an owner or not) so I thought I would ask about other posters’ Taiwan pet experiences, pro and con.

It’s a gratifying experience taking in a stray animal from the streets. I found Wishbone in the gutter almost two years ago and rescued Pumkin a few months after that. I cannot imagine living my life now without my kitty girls even though I did refrain from the pet-owning experience for many years due to the reasons you outline above. But the committment is worthwhile. “Found” pets are particularly propitious because you’ve not only saved them from a fate unknown, you’ve found a faithful companion.
When I’m on my way home from wherever, I always think how lovely it will be to see my mews. It’s nice to be welcomed home by them scratching on my desk chair or rubbing against my legs.

And just think, dogs are even more excited to welcome their owners home!

Damn you alien,
Defenses crumbling…heart melting…can I at least name them (or him, her or it) something with more testosterone than wishbone or pumpkin? My ego is crumbling here. I am a cold bastard, I am a cold bastard… shit.

[quote=“chainsmoker”]Damn you alien,
Defenses crumbling…heart melting…can I at least name them (or him, her or it) something with more testosterone than wishbone or pumpkin?[/quote]
Wishbone has a “W” on her forehead and Pumkin’s face looks like a jack-o-lantern, and they are very feminine…

If you ever do go back to the US, there’s no quarantine to bring your pets in. Just make sure they’ve had the proper shots (rabies, etc) and you can just take them straight away. However, the UK is heartless when it comes to household pets. It’s like a 6 month quarantine there, which obviously doesn’t apply to livestock!

Yeah, I heard that Australia was 6 months as well. That sounds horrible. Can you visit them and take them for walks and stuff? I don’t think I could do that to and animal. I had a friend who refused to move to Australia because she had a cat so her husband had to turn down a good job. I guess the States’ attitude is “What kind of disease are you going to bring in that we ain’t already got?”

We ‘adopted’ our dog as a puppy from a lady who used to hang out at the weekend flower market on JianGwo b[/b]. She rescued street dogs and tried to find them homes. I think she’s still around. The dog is sitting next to me as I type this, looking up with those big eyes. I think as long as you live somewhere a decent size, somewhere that’s convenient for going out walking, and have someone to look after your pet while you’re away, the ‘pet experience’ in Taiwan can be just as great as elsewhere.

My wife’s mother used to have a few semi-domesticated cats living outside her house. Occassionally the females would get pregnant and have a litter. One day, when we were visiting we noticed that one of the kittens was very sick looking. We were planning to take a pet in so we found a box, lined it with newspaper and tissue and took the little creature (which we dubbed “Fortuna”) home.

When we got her home and had a good look at her, Fortuna looked like she was on death’s door. Her eyes, which we had thought had not opened yet, we in fact closed due to an infection. She was dirty, flea bitten, thin, and coughing. My wife called the nearest vet and begged him to see our kitten. he said it was 11:30 at night and could we wait till morning. My wife started to cry. “You’re a vet. You’re supposed to love animals. If you don’t see our kitten I’m afraid she won’t make it through the night.”

The vet had a kind heart and told us to come over right away. He didn’t liek the look of Fortuna and, after cleaning her eyes, injecting her with anibiotics, and so on, gave us a less than promising prognosis. She migth not make it still, but we were to bring her back the next day.

Well, the next day, little Foruna was still alive. We wrapped her in swaddling clothes and lay her (no not in a manger) in a Mountain Equipment Co-op bag and rode our scooter off to the vet. The vet said she looked a little better. He gave her another shot, forced some nutritional supplement down her throat and said to come back in two days.

Then the unimaginable happened.

I put Fortuna back into my bag, zipped it shut and got on the scooter. When we were close to home my wife asked me to pull over near the 7-11. There was a pet shop here where we could pick up some kitty litter for Fortuna. While my wife went inside I opened the bag to take a peek at Foruna. But she wasn’t there. I froze then collected myself and searched the bag again. Still she was not there. My wife came out and I broke the news to her. Neither of us could imagine where she could have gone. She was an emaciated, weak little kitten sitting at the bottom of a foot high zipped bag. How could she have possibly climbed out? And even if she did climb out (of a zipped bag), how could she then leap from between my legs (the bag sat on foot rest area of the scooter) onto the road without my or my wife’s seeing her?

We rushed back to the vet’s to see if by chance she had escaped when we first put her in the bag. We searched the vet’s office, the neighboring stores, the sidewalk, ditches, cars, and alleys. She was gone. I told my wife to drive back to the 7-11 and search there. I would walk back home and check under every car and on every sidewalk for her. Which I did. Took me about 2 hours. I searched everywhere for her. I new there was little hope of finding her alive but I wanted at least to find her little body so we cold bury her properly.

But nothing. We never found Fortuna nor discovered how she had escaped from the bag. :cry:

A few months later a friend’s mother’s cat had a litter of two. We only wanted one cat but my wife couldn’t bear to part the brother and sister so she took them both home. The boy was handsome, solid and heavy in the hand, the girl cute and fluffy. We named them Fran and Zooey, after the brother and sister in JD Salinger’s novel but the names didn’t stick. I renamed them Paolo and Francesca, after the ill-fated lovers in Dante’s Inferno. Oddly, these names did stick and five years later Paolo and Chesca (as we call her for short) are still with us, making us laugh with their talkative ways, funny stretches, and quirky manners.

In short, I can’t imagine living without my pets now. Though they leave hair everywhere, break down the bathroom door to demand petting while you’re on the toilet, and though they occassionally pee on the sofa when we haven’t cleaned the litter box to their satisfaction, they add so much color and character to our life I forgive them anything.

Bring on the string orchestra.

MM, that’s a was a really sad story, but weird. How the hell DID that kitten get out? I was a little relieved (and a little disappointed) to find out that my neighborhood puppy terrorist does have an owner. I WILL, however, be keeping my eye on that guy to make sure he does a good job.
Well, I guess I dodged the bullet this time. When or if I ever do get a pet, I will certainly get an abandoned pet, rather than buy one. I’ll never understand how someone can buy a pet, when they grow wild in the streets. It doesn’t make moral or economic sense to me.
My friend has this Chihuahua-looking miniature terrier that his girlfriend found in a shop. It was shivering from the rain and had a broken leg. The shop keeper was trying to beat it out the door with a broom. When my friend arrived to pick up his gf, she was holding this little shivering, ratty ball of nothing. His first thought was “Oh, hell no!” They got his leg fixed, took him to the vet and fell in love with him. I swear that dog is the smartest dog I have ever seen. It learned all the regular tricks like sit, come, roll over. If you say, “stick em up” It stands on its hind legs and will play dead when you hold up your hand like a gun and say “bang”. If you put food on his nose, it waits for you to say, “okay.” My friend will say, “OOOOOk-lahoma, OOOOO-Canada, OOOO say can you see, Okay.” and it wil eat. It knows about 50 English words and will go get a specific toy or his leash if you tell him to. Also has an incredible personality. Everyone loves that damn dog.

Does my kitten count? I sort of “saved” her from Poagao’s colleague who wanted to keep her in a cage. Isn’t that a weird country where people keep cats in cages and dress their dogs in Spiderman costumes?

Anyway, she’s the most adorable, friendly, playful, open (and probably spoiled :wink: ) cat in the world. We’re completely focused on each other, that is, I’m focused on her, and she’s focused on getting her food, getting attention and having somebody to play with.

I’m not sure about quarantine rules for Germany, and it will take another couple of years to convince my boyfriend to let her go back with me to his flat (he’s as allergic to cats as I am) but I don’t think I could ever leave her behind when I go back.

I’ve only had her for about three months :? :slight_smile:

[quote=“iris”]Isn’t that a weird country where people keep cats in cages and dress their dogs in Spiderman costumes?

YES!! put this on the “Pet Peeves” thread because it’s my BIGGEST all time pet peeve in Taiwan–the way the Taiwanese (don’t) care for their pets properly.
I’m sad to say that even my bf isn’t the greatest dog owner in the world since he (and his lazy sister) never take those dogs out for walks. But what can you do?
OH, and put that on the “what do you and your partner argue about?” thread…grrrr.

Mucha, that was such a weird story, and also sad. I wonder whatever did happen to little Fortuna.
A friend of mine had a wee terrapin she brought home. She put it on the balcony of her flat in a relatively deep dish with rocks and stuff. One day it just disappeared never to be found again. Btw, there were no other pets in the house then.
When the animals go missing like that I keep thinking it’s something like out of Douglas Adams “So Long and thanks for all the fish”

I found my cat in the bushes of a median in Hsintien shortly after Typhoon Nari. He was okay looking, very wet, and tried to bite me, but when I picked him up, he wrapped his little kitten tail around my wrist and I fell in love. He is curled up next to my laptop right now (after spending a week with Okami who did some kitten-sittin’ for me).

What’s this about not needing to put an animal in quarrantine when going to the US?

quarantine and pet regulations by country

I’ve taken two dogs in and both times they have been wonderful pets. I took one dog back to the US mainland to live at my mom’s and it was no trouble to get him in – they didn’t even look at my papers. Taking a pet to Hawaii, however, is a different story.

Just out of curiosity, what kinds of pets do people here have? Post a message…

A bunny rabbit.

Please don’t laugh at me.

I had a gecko living in my yard a year or two back who would take tiny scraps of catfood from my finger. Very cool. Although they’re all over the walls down here in summer, it was the first one I’d ever seen that was so unafraid of humans.

Two cats. One thinks she our baby and still, at five years old, sucks her paw before going to sleep. If you hold her in your arms she’ll snuggle in your arms on her back like a baby and, using one paw to suck, will press your chest, or breast with the other as if trying to get milk. I think she needs help.

Like Sandman I’ve had a few geckos come in for a visit. Even a bird flew in one day from we’re not sure. Possibly down the stove exhaust pipe. You may not want to count them as pets, but I had a garbage pail full of maggots when I first came to Taiwan. This taught me quickly that you cannot leave refuse out for a week in the middle of summer. I wasn’t in Kansas anymore.

The most odd animal experience though happened the night my overhead fan woke me up. I didn’t have my glasses on but could see the shadows of the fan blades swirling round the ceiling. Then as I became I little more conscious I remembered that I didn’t have a ceiling fan in this apartment. I donned my glasses and saw a small black bat circling overhead. My brother had been attacked by one of these creatures from Hell once in Vancouver (just before Halloween too) so I was a little apprehensive. I debated whether I should wake up the wife, or leave here there for bait. I woke her up.

We scrambled out of the room but the black knight followed us. Our cats woke up and seeing a flying chew toy starting making hungry leaps in the air. You could see Dracula’s sidekick getting fatigued by this hunter-prey game. A few more circles and I’m sure our Paolo (the cat) would have caught him.

Well I really didn’t want to see a Discovery episode played out live in my living room so I opened the bedroom door again and let the lord of the night fly in. Then I dashed in and shut the door behind me. It was just me and the devil now. Sensibly, I opened the sliding doors to the balconey and then snuck back into the living room. A few minutes later when I opened the door it was gone.

There was nothing left to do then but put on an old Killing Joke tape and drink a glass of tomato juice.

Current status: 3 dogs and a cat - and that is too many pets.

I have a dog. She’s a purebred Taiwanese Cuddler (yeah, right). She was “rescued” also and gives back everything she takes (sometimes threefold; ugh). Her ears don’t stand all the way up and one flops forward and one to the side. She’s soooo cute and makes my life in Taiwan happy and fulfilled. She’s a happy, healthy dog with a bubbly personality and many, many toys. Thank you for listening.

I don’t have any animals yet, but plan on getting some as soon as I’m more settled. I can only assume that this island has some cool lizards. I’ve always wanted a cool lizard :sunglasses: . I don’t have enough time for a dog, but a cat would be nice. A really big spider would be cool too.