Taiwan Pet Experiences

[color=indigo]Sandman’s cat. I kid you not! Woo-hoo-hoo! Ha ha ha ha![/color]

ROTFLMAO! :laughing: :mrgreen:

(I’m ashamed to admit that my mind was in the gutter when he told me what he was going to have shaved.) :sunglasses:

1 dog.

Debated with who? The bat?

That’s really Sandman’s cat? Sandman, I’m sure you love him, but, shit man, that’s the ugliest cat I’ve seen in a long time.

We got one little cat recently, imaginatively named Blacky, or Mimi, becuase we couldn’t really decide. The equally originally named Ginger was a week old kitten whose Mum had died. Sadly he only lasted another week. Both taken from a really good vet in Jingmei (I’ll find the adress if anyone wants ot adopt a cat). He took a lot of time talking to us about the animals that he’d rescued. He’s had some cats there for months who haven’t been able to find a home.


Are all cats in Taipei named Mimi and all dogs Pudding?

My cat’s name is Tuesday. Quote by my Taiwanese friend: “What a boring name! Why didn’t you call her something interesting like Maomi?”! :?


Pudding? Such originality! I thought all dogs in Taiwan were called one of the following: Xiao Bai if it’s white, Xiao Hei if it’s black, Xiao Huang if it’s yellow or Laifu (Lucky) it it’s any other colour.

We called our dog Feifei (Fatty) when we found her, because she looked fat. Actually, she was only bloated with worms. Now she’s as thin as a rake, but the name has stuck.

The missus decided to call our cat Wanpi (Naughty) - possibly derived from Wanpi Mao (the Pink Panther.) Is that a common name for cats in Taiwan?

Our piebald rabbit, now sadly deceased, was called Tutu (Bunny) - probably the most unoriginal name possible for a rabbit.

My apartment came with a large fish tank containing one orange and one black bubble-headed goldfish and a plecostamus (glass-cleaning sucker fish). I want to add some more fish but a friend suggested that maybe the present set-up is good feng shui, so any additional fish would throw it off. :?


Tutu was the name of our cat before we gave it a way. I gave it the name because it sound bad enough:)


[quote]That’s really Sandman’s cat? Sandman, I’m sure you love him, but, shit man, that’s the ugliest cat I’ve seen in a long time.

Poagao, don’t EVER take up animal portraiture! TCFKASNKAMOPP (The Cat Formerly Known As Smoke Now Known As Momo Or Psssst! Psssst!) is very handsome in real life. He just didn’t like his picture being taken and he was smart enough to anticipate the flash.

Anyway, if you think that’s bad, you should have seen him when we rescued him!

We also have a black one called Kizzy, but he’s far too haughty to allow himself to be photographed, and another one called Hibou who buggers off out of it as soon as the food’s gone.

I like cats.

Sandman, did you
that cat or is that just the way the fur grows? I’ve seen a few shaven cats here; I assume this is because of the heat. How on earth can a person shave a cat and walk away alive? I imagine it’s in the same risk category as trying to milk a wolverine or blow a raspberry on the stomach of a muskrat. :shock:

We didn’t shave him – we let the vet do it, but he just sat there purring the whole time. He has a skin complaint and his hair was so long and thick that the only way to get the medicine onto the skin was to get rid of the hair. It’ll grow back – I hope. :shock:

We have a Chow that we shave every year for the summer. We leave her head and feet uncut, so she looks a bit like a four-legged dandelion with boots. She had skin complaints galore in Taiwan but is doing much better in the US.

Sir Don wrote:

With the little cricket who always shows up during moral dilemmas of course.

OK, Sandman, I like cats, but my wife’s the real cat-lover of the tow of us, and I showed her cat’s picture, thinking even she would think it ugly.

She said I should tell you it’s cute - strange, but cute - like it comes form, another planet. :smiley:


Talk about wet pussy. . .


We have a parrot we’d like to take with us. It doesn’t seem to have any official papers.