Taiwan Pet Shops?


I’m urgently looking for a list of pet shops in Taiwan with their email addresses or contact details. I’m thinking that the Taiwanese authorities might have that, but just can’t seem to have any luck. Alternatively, if anyone can just recommend to me any good pet stores with their contact details, that would be great too! Appreciate any help, thanks!


Read Chinese? Yellow Pages.

Seriously, the pet trade here is so unregulated that there are probably no complete registers anywhere, in any language.

Secondly, depending on what you want the list for, people on this forum may well choose to ignore such a request. Or help. One of the two.

There are several pet product distributors in Taiwan.
3 main ones and quite a few smaller regional distributors.
Contacting one of these may prove helpful.

A Taiwan online business directory might be of help. There are one or two of those that have been mentioned on Forumosa.com. And Google might be of help also.

Thanks urodacus. I’m actually working in a pet food company and we are looking to distribute our food in Taiwan. Right now, I’m looking for leads that’s all. Not planning to spam these shops or anything.

Many thanks!