Taiwan places seem so far from one another


hello, I am a newbie here in this forum

I have been here in Taiwan for 3 years already but I noticed that the places are far from one another.

Example, I am based in Taitung and someone I have to meet is in Taipei.

The reason I opened this topic is hopefully, I will have a new boyfriend soon. But I am skeptical about the distance.

Well, I just think, we are in Taiwan. Unlike my past relationship, the guy is working in Dubai.

Care to share your thoughts?

thank you


I think everyone’s definition of “far” can be quite different. After living in Australia for a few years, everything in Taiwan feels right behind the corner to me.


Taitung is far from everything.

Dating people from other cities is the same in Taiwan as it is most places. Takes more effort.


Lol i once took a bus from Broome to Darwin, 26 hours. Won’t do it again.


Frequently video calls and weekends trips will help a lot. Sometimes you go to Taipei, other times he goes to Taitung. Or you can even go together to somewhere halfway… :2cents:
It won’t be cheap, but being in a relationship requires more physical presence than say friendship only.
As time goes by you both will feel less needy of constant presence of the other half, trust still grow, and less trips will be necessary. But it takes time.:grandpa:


still haven’t been to taidong. as far as taiwan goes its a bit far



actually that was what he was proposing.

Yes i think we just have to give it a try.

To everyone thank you- wish me luck.

I will update you of what will happen


Brisbane to Darwin wasnt much fun either !


Good luck!

I did long distance for almost two years. First year was across the ocean and another was across a straight. It’s NOT easy!

Communication is very very key and setting dates to meet on a regular basis is important too.

My friend does long distance from Taipei to Taichung. He sets dates to visit his gf every two weeks for two days. Luckily, they both don’t work 9-5 jobs, so they can easily mark those days off from work.


really… I feel that Taitung is a dead end. Kenting feels much better why? because, just take bus going to Kaoshiung or train at Fangliao Station then you are good.


how far?



same here. I really hope this would work. I just find “comfort” in the idea that we are both in Taiwan and no ocean (and oceanS) and time difference to consider


Well plenty of couples see each other every day and still break up/divorce/are stuck in a miserable relationship.

Does that make you feel better?


Hey hey, don’t be getting in the way of love here !

It is a gift from God that the people residing on Taiwan (foreigners even) feel that the island is big. Because it does feel big. Even though it is actually pretty small.

Otherwise how can you cram 23 million people into one/third of the island ?



well you have a point but of course no, it didnt make me feel better. Parting ways is sad.

Anyways we will find ways.




hi there, I do not know but I just feel the places “seem” to be far apart though yes, this is a small island.