Taiwan Police clearance (for US visa)

I am applying for F1 Visa for US for which I have to fill the DS 160 form.
The form has a section for Security and Background which asks have you been arrested before.
In my case, I visited Taiwan for project work and was caught stealing money and a complaint was registered against me! I have no idea whether to call it arrest or not!
My passport number was asked during the enquiry in Taiwan.
I am worried that my visa will be rejected due to this issue.
Please guide me!

Where was your passport issued?


I think that is a legitimate concern.

Why not just ask the Taiwan authorities or your former lab?

I don’t think so I can contact my previous lab! Also how to get in touch with those authorities and what shall I ask or enquire about as in what way!
Also thank you very much for the reply!

I’d start with, “Did you issue a warrant for my arrest after I was caught stealing money from the lab I worked in?”

Someone wiser than I will be in shortly I’m sure to tell you what Authority you can ask.

However, I suppose if you lie on that F1 application and get caught and you’ll never set foot in the US.

I definitely don’t want to lie! And lose any chances but this is really giving me a great deal of anxiety as I have no backup plans!

We all have backup plans. You just might not get what you want to get.

I really m hoping to overcome this issue,!
It feels like an end!

You can call an NIA (National Immigration Agency) branch in Taiwan and just ask directly about your legal status. They might be able to find out if there’s any outstanding legal ramifications from your action. My guess is if the US authorities find out about your history then yes, you’ll be rejected for the F1. It’s pretty low to steal money from the place sponsoring you, but I probably don’t need to tell you that.


Hey could you please help me with how can I contact the NIA I tried calling the number but couldn’t reach

It’s a holiday if you tried calling today (Oct. 1).

Ohh thank you for Informing