Taiwan population growth decline

Yep. :+1:

Some light reading for you.

Are you of Taiwanese decent?

Huh? You have the audacity to question the color coding.

Did I? I don’t think I did!

Interesting. I wonder what type of job it was for?

What does that have to do with birth rates?

Middle income is just middle income. It ain’t paradise.

That number is so wrong, not even 95% finish high school (94.8% Go to high school so maybe 90% or less even finish), and many drop out of college, your so much out of touch being across the waterway and not in Taiwan. I am a foodie, talk to many working in cafes and food places and many ask me about working/intern in Japan as in Japan many do not care about degrees as much skills in working and find out many (still quite have what they think is useless degrees) and I many younger people have different thinking about school and do not value degrees as much as elders or elite.


What’s a degree in TW worth if it’s not an engineering degree?

General office and , needs to know English or Japanese (this is also interesting as being multi-lingual does not mean you can do office work) though so we get a lot people apply with advanced degrees in language and wanted to travel (Job had frequent travel prior to last year).

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95% of HS grads since 2008 went to college.

That’s not a difference to throw a hissyfit over.

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Your wrong, you said "95% of Taiwanese already have bachelor degrees or higher. " . That is not true at all, and not even close. As the link above shows, many do not finish at various levels of school. In College 13% quit, other quit in High School, ect. Others have post links to show correct numbers and you make your own strange numbers.

Ah, I saw the county. High tier indeed!

Well, as the one who paid for it, I can tell you a philosophy degree will qualify you for a job as a surfing instructor.

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Haha, I dream job of mine in a past time in Hawaii. Taiwan for an island has very few surfers (Where most of the people live though has not very good beaches on the West Coast and the water) though I do see people trying in beach at the Kaoshuing (Calm waters, good to start!). And maybe a philosophy degree is great bit of knowledge to teach this, as I used think not as much as I should and just do/try it as I never had a proper teacher or lesson.

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I don’t have a degree in philosophy but I did manage to get a job after I talked some sense into the interviewers lol. It’s not the degree but how you present yourself and how you interpret your diploma that actually matters. I have a bachelors degree in something people believe is useless and dying, but I still get plenty of job offers. Even when I don’t mention my other skills. Independent thinking is valuable if you could prove it.

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I kept getting notification from this but I have nothing to do with this conversation :joy:

I got off a Skype call with my Japanese-Brazilian friend and asked him about this.

He added that when he was in Japan, Japanese were asking him what it was like living in a jungle.

Based on conversations with one friend (a nice man named Arno), it was not the funnest of times for them.


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I did not mean it was about you, sorry about that. Was comment on number by the man who wrote wrong info.