Taiwan Pride Parades 2020 - 28 Jun and 31 Oct



Why isn’t stuff like this advertised more? Or, maybe I just live under a rock? I hadn’t heard about this until your post, less than two weeks before the event. I’m disappointed because I can’t attend. Pride here has always occurred around Halloween but I can never go because it’s on a Saturday when I work. Now it’s during a holiday this month–but a holiday which I’ve already made plans for to be out of town (Penghu). I can’t win.

EDIT: OK, I think I see now. This isn’t replacing the normal Pride parade in October. It seems like this is being held because Pride month is usually June in the West and Taiwan gets to brag (justifiably) that they can still hold an event, unlike most of the world.

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The parade, and the eclipse this upcoming weekend. At least I’ve heard of both events before they happen this time, which is pretty unusual for me; usually I find out in an RSS feed about Taiwan news a few days later. But yeah, my ability to remain oblivious about what’s going on in Taiwan until too late is remarkable.

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Two Pride Parades in one year?

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This parade actually has two routes.

Oh, a bi-parade.


And a day after the first gay couples tied the knot at a military wedding in Taiwan :rainbow:

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You can never have too much pride. I’m suffering from an overdose of sloth at the moment, which is an issue I’m working on.

They’re never advertised probably because most everyone would come out against it

Doesn’t seem too many people complained about 25,000+ people gathering at an outdoor music fest a few weeks ago so I doubt people would complain about a parade.

【Live直播】 第18屆臺灣同志遊行 - 成人之美 身而為人的美好

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I have no idea what your point is here.

It was a reply to my silly joke. I also have no clue.

I was going to make a joke about back stage passes, but I restrained myself.

I heard some don’t want to be seen at a pride because of their parents or family.

Of course this is true. However, it doesn’t relate to any of my posts you’re replying to.

Quote the poster you’re replying to. This helps people to understand the point you are making.

Oh, I thought you were commenting about people’s fear of Covid.

Which is exactly why we’re marching, so that no one need fear being judged for things that are no one’s business but their own.


What other legal changes are being sought?

Not sure tbh. There’s a lot of argument about including alternative sexualities in school curriculums.